Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament and in my heart. I love You, praise You, and adore You hidden in the Holy Eucharist. Thank You that we are able to be with you today, Lord. Thank You for holy Mass this morning. Thank You for the many blessings You give us and for giving us holy priests, Lord. Thank You for this sunshine and beautiful weather. I love You, Lord.

“Thank you for being here with Me today My little one. I know you wanted to stay home and enjoy the warmth of the sun and yet you heard My quiet invitation to come visit Me in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where I am present to all of My children. I love you, My child.”

I love You, Jesus. Thank You that You wait for us here . Thank You for Your presence in the tabernacles all over the world. You are most merciful and generous with Your love and presence, Jesus.

“My child, I love you and all of My children in the world. I desire all be saved and for none to perish. My children must turn their lives around and come back to Me before it is too late. Time is growing short and I have said through many of My messengers, mankind must repent or perish. Each person will stand before Me for their individual judgment and this has been the case ever since the gates of Heaven were opened by Me. What I am saying now, though, pertains to these times which are like no other. Do not allow evil to rule in your hearts, My lost children. While you are living in these days of grace, return to your Jesus. I will forgive everything and take you into My Sacred Heart. All will be made clean and you can begin anew to walk with Me, Your Jesus, Your Savior. Do not wait for you do not know the hour that will be your last. Turn your heart toward Your God so that you can share in your inheritance, which is My heavenly kingdom. My little ones, you live as if this world was what is the most important thing in your lives. You live as if there was ‘no tomorrow.’ This is a lie. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. One day, your life will end and what will you say to your God when you are standing face to face with complete truth? What will you say when you have to give an account of your life? Will you say you lived your whole life for yourself and for every pleasure you could extract from worldly pursuits? Will you say you lived for your career, for promotions, money, power, and a life of being entertained? Will you say you lived to cheat on your spouse to use them for your own gratification, only to toss them aside when a younger more attractive person came along, and then another, and another with no concern for the little children I gave you until they, longing and desperate for your attention got caught up in a life of misery and drugs looking for anything that they could find to soothe their lonely confused hearts? Is this what you want to say when you are standing in My presence? Keep in mind, My lost little wayward ones, you will not be able to lie to your God when you are standing before Me. For in the presence of the essence of truth, one is unable to lie. Every heart and every soul will be laid bare before the Lord God at judgment time. Walk with me now, My children. I have mercy and compassion for My prodigal ones who are washed clean by their tears of repentance and the blood which I shed on Calvary. Take heart. It is not too late if you only ask Me for forgiveness now while you are still living. All can be and will be forgiven if you only desire to change and have true contrition for your sins. Aren’t you tired of living a lie, My children? It is a lie for you to live as if there is no tomorrow, for there is a future to be lived in Heaven or a future to be lived in hell, the eternal fire that is an eternity of suffering, hate, and misery. Choose life, My children. Come out of the darkness and into the light, My children. This is what was intended for you. You were meant for Heaven and before you reach Heaven, you were meant to walk your earthly journey with Me, your Jesus of mercy. I am love, compassion, mercy, joy, hope, and I am your friend. Come now, do not turn your back on the best friend you could ever have because of your pride. No, My children, do not do this, for to reject your Jesus is to reject all love, all life, and to reject your inheritance, which is Heaven. Your rejection of Me, your rebellion, your selfishness, and greed grieves My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. She sheds many tears for you and prays you will return to Me. Oh, if you could only hear how My Mother, who is beautiful, holy, pure, and so warm and loving cries for you it would melt your heart of stone. You have only to return to the safety of your heavenly family by asking Me for forgiveness and then clothing yourself in humility and virtuous living. In this way you can live as one of My true disciples and take My good news to others. You will then be part of My mission to save souls, dearest little one, for there is much work to do and so many in a serious state, themselves. I need you, little wayward soul to help Me rescue your brothers and sisters from perdition. There are not enough warriors for Christ. Decide for Me today, for tomorrow may not come. Do not waste another moment, but hasten to return to me. The hour is short and darkness is upon you. My adversary gives you power but only the kind that destroys you. The power I give will renew your heart and soul and spill out on the world for others. My graces are for love and life and in the process of bringing your darkened soul back to the light, others will be saved as well. My power seeks out the lost and brings him back to the fold. My power brings restoration to families, brings those who were once dead back to life. My power does not destroy, it restores, renews, refreshes your important work for God on earth. I bring you to Heaven to rejoice for all eternity in My Father’s kingdom. Choose life, My children. Come, join your brothers and sisters of the light. They will welcome you with open arms. You will be accepted as part of My Father’s family if you only repent and walk the road of conversion. You will not walk it alone, so do not fear. I will walk with you and I will send others to keep you company and provide you with support on your journey. I love you, My children and I am sad without your love. Console your Jesus by returning to Me. I love you. All of Heaven awaits your return to Me, your Jesus of Mercy.”

Thank you, Jesus, for Your mercy, for Your love, and for Your pleas for all to return to the safety of Your Sacred Heart. Lord, You are our only refuge and hope. Jesus, I am sorry for the times I have disappointed You, for the times I have not had the sense of urgency to pray for those who have not experienced the love of God, or who have turned their backs on You. Your pleas reignite My understanding of the urgency of the times and the need for continual conversion. Help me to do all that You ask. Help Me never to forget my brothers and sisters in need of prayer. I love You dearest Savior of the world. Thank You for Your love.

“My little lamb, all is forgiven. I plead with My children of light to pray for their brothers and sisters, to offer sacrifices and fast for their return to me, their God. Pray the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Have Masses said for the conversion of the lost little ones. Be kind to those you meet. Pray for those who persecute or offend you, for in this way you return unkindness for love and My grace is poured out through you. Do not underestimate the value of one act of kindness, or even one smile. Your prayers go before you and prepare the way, just like rose petals strewn upon the aisle in preparation for a bride who will join her groom to be married on their wedding day. Your prayers, and those of all My children of light, prepare the path on which acts of kindness and mercy from My children will travel to My lost, wayward children in desperate need of love, of My love. Prayer, sacrifices, kindness, and mercy will open hardened hearts even by just a crack and then My graces can be poured into hearts, soothing and refreshing and shining the light of faith. Children of the Renewal, you must work in the vineyards for Me, your Jesus. Your nightly prayers, especially the family rosary is a weapon in the Lord’s army. The holy Mass, the most powerful weapon is saving souls every time a Mass is said in the world. This is why My adversary and yours wants to stop the Mass. Yes, My children of light, satan wants to close every church on earth and stop the dispensing of graces

to My children in need. This is why I have said, and continue to remind you that the gates of hell will not prevail against My church. Dearest children of My heart, wake up and see the meaning of this statement. Reflect on it. When I say the gates of hell will not prevail against My church, do you see that I am also saying satan will rage against you? My adversary wages war against My church as he attempts to do his evil deeds to bring death and destruction to the world and to every soul created in My image and likeness. The gates of hell will not prevail against My church, but this also means the gates of hell will try to prevail against My church. For this, you must pray, fast, offer sacrifices, and offer masses for My church, and for all living outside of My one, true, Apostolic church. My children, those who love and follow Me do not become complacent just when times are the most urgent Do not become too weary to fight the great battle for souls, for it is now that your Jesus is in most need of your assistance. Come, My children of light; pray, pray, pray. You do not see how very effective your prayers are and those of your children , but Heaven knows and sees and urges you on. You are nearing the time when there will be nothing more you can do and God will step in and purify the earth. You will not want to make it safely through this time, knowing you could have done much more to help those who will wail and gnash their teeth. When you come to Heaven, you will be glad you did all that you could within your state in life to help your Jesus. I have said all will be well and it will, however I am counting on My children, My remnant to take up your cross and follow Me, Jesus. In this way, you share in My Passion, but you also share in My Resurrection. Continue on now My children while there is still time for the lost to be found. I am counting on My holy remnant to be light to souls in darkness. This darkness covers the earth like never before. It is difficult for My children of this generation to understand the perilous state of the world for they have little with which to compare. My holy souls of previous generations shudder to think that you are exposed to so much evil of which you are gravely unaware. I call you now to attention and to engage anew in prayer and a life of faith. Make the church, the sacraments, especially the Eucharist your life. Begin anew a life of prayer. Renew your fasting. Read the scripture and begin family prayer. ‘But, Jesus’, you say, ‘we do not have enough time to do all that You ask.’ Then, I say, you are too busy with nonessentials. You must examine your daily life and see what can be eliminated in order to make space for living for Me, Jesus. Your souls and those of your children and your brothers and sisters are at stake. Time is growing short. Your many activities, sports, entertainment and your social life will not save you or the souls of your children. I am calling you to examine every activity of your family and of your life with Me. I will show you what is important and what needs to be eliminated. Come, My children, if you do not live holy lives, lives with meaning and purpose, lives of simplicity, how will your lost brothers and sisters know how to do so, or even where to look for holy examples? Children, take your rightful place in God’s family and return to a holy example of My domestic church. You, My children of light are to shine for others to see. You are not to blend in to the culture of death and run yourselves and your families ragged aspiring worldly accolades, that glitter now, but fade and tarnish with your earthly lives. No. You are called. You are chosen. You are to be set apart. You are in the world but not of the world. Examine your lives with Me. I will give you clarity to see where changes are needed. This is a war for souls, My dearest children of the light and I need you prepared for battle. You must first change your way of life, removing the noisy distractions, and begin to pray. Simplify your lives so you have room for prayer. Anything else is of no use. I am begging My children to follow Me on the narrow path. This path is narrow for your own protection, so you do not stray from your Jesus. Keep your eyes on Me, dearest children of My Sacred Heart. My Mother will help you if you ask Her. She modeled a perfect life of holiness and virtue and she is a perfect teacher. She is your Mother and Mine. I share Her with you, as you all need a Mother who will lead you to Me. What better person in the world to lead you to Me than My own Mother who knows Me more intimately than anyone. She is in perfect unity with the Most Holy Trinity. If you are unsure of the way, ask Her to take your hand and guide you to Me. She will not refuse one request for guidance from Her children and Mine.

She waits for you with an open heart, Her Immaculate Heart, and open arms. Come, children. Do not waste another precious moment. Time is of the essence in this battle for souls. My child, this is a most difficult message for you for you feel My pleading, My longing, My sense of urgency. Continue to write My words, for there are many souls in desperate need of prayers. Many will die this very night with no one praying for them if My children fail to pray. Do not underestimate the value of your prayers, My child. All of My children’s prayers have much power to save souls, for I will it. This is the hour of grace. When these days end, and I tell you they will for the Age of Disobedience is coming to an end, there will be no more time for the souls who choose darkness. The time of the greatest trials and the following purification are upon you. Walk toward Me while there is still time.”

Jesus it seems there is so little time and yet You have asked us to begin communities and for those preparing refuges You have asked them to do so quickly. Lord, in my human mind, which cannot see time as You do, I do not see how we can begin a new community and have all in place in time for the time of great trials and the purification. Please, intervene with Your power, Lord, and set things in motion from Heaven so the approvals and permits are obtained. Lord, you said the delay would work in our favor to keep us hidden a bit longer and then all would proceed quickly and I believe You, Lord. Due to Your sense of urgency and that there is so much work to do (that hasn’t even begun) we need You to intervene, Lord. Go before us, Jesus like You did for the Israelites when You lead them out of Egypt. Go before us with your fiery light and power of the Holy Spirit and secure all that is needed to proceed with haste. Lord, we Your children are trying to follow You and Your Blessed Mother to form communities. Many people labor to jump through every worldly hoop to do Your will and yet we feel as though we are spinning our wheels. Lord, if this is Your will, so be it. If it is Your will that we form communities, then please remove the obstacles so we can do all You are asking us to do. We love You, Jesus and want to do Your will. If time is of the essence as I believe it is, then make haste to help us to do our small part to form communities under the Blessed Mother’s mantle. If You are only testing us, and making us stronger in our faith and trust, so be it. Do what You will with us Lord, for our lives, and those of all You say You will send us are in Your hands. If You do want us to form communities, and You must for Your Mother and You have said so, then please intervene in human affairs with Your Divine grace and power to remove every single obstacle to the accomplishment of Your will. We are mere humans, Lord and there is only so much we can do. You, Lord can do all things. We need You for everything, Lord. We are even unable to do Your will unless You help us to do so. We are weak, but You are all powerful. We are simple minded, but You are omniscient. We are finite and only able to make small steps on the road of progress. You, Lord are infinite and brought the entire world into being by willing it, Lord, there is nothing You can’t do and I ask You, as my Lord, my King, and my God to build

Your community that Our Lady desires. Help us to see if we are missing something obvious. Remove every barrier, Jesus and bring Your plans to fruition, Lord for You say the hour is short and darkness is upon us. Then, You must help us and help us now to build the communities You so desire, for we are helpless without You, Lord, but we are trying to follow You. Help us, Jesus. There is nothing we can do on our own, but with You everything is possible. Regardless, Jesus, Your will be done. I accept and trust in Your holy, precious will.

“My child, your prayers can melt the very heart of God for your love and sincerity to please Me and to follow My will for your life. You long to begin the mission I have entrusted to You and My son and to the entire community. This fledgling community, that will be a unified family and will bring many souls into the Era of Peace is My will and is a special plan in the heart of My Mother, who also waits patiently for Her Son to remove all obstacles so that her little flock can begin to build this community so special in Her sight. My little lamb, I am working, though you cannot see this. To you it appears little progress is being made and yet I am laying a firm foundation. In your work, you often tell people the planning phase of any project is the longest phase of the entire plan. However, with proper planning and the right attention to detail, the rest of the project phases progress smoothly and efficiently. Risks are mitigated and reduced with proper planning and you assure others that this lengthy planning time will be well worth the outcome. My little one, I assure you in the same way. If it takes one to two years to implement a large project, how much time does it take to plan for, build, and establish an entire community. I assure you, it doesn’t take your God anytime at all, however, I must first work in the hearts of stubborn community leaders, who have small vision and do not understand the ways of God working through His people, let alone the signs of the times. This takes time and your God is a patient God for I pursue the best possible outcome for all involved, including My children who are leaders of this community. Take heart and know that your Jesus is at work. Soon after your meeting, you will see much progress and this is why I stress the importance of preparing your house to sell. Trust in Me, your Jesus, to bring My plans to fruition in time for you to prepare for and accept My priest sons and the little children in need of a home and loving parents. My child, My longing for souls is one that you share and this is why you are anxious to begin and yet I know the many tasks you have to do to prepare your family. I love you and I remain involved with your life and that of your family. Many things, that you cannot see, are beginning to fall into place. My child, I am working out the details in the lives of all of My children of the Renewal to prepare them for the missions that I and My Father in Heaven have for you. Take heart, pray, trust, receive the Sacraments, remain in a state of grace, be love to others, and trust in your Jesus. I love and protect you. I provide for you. All will be well and all is progressing according to My plans. Continue to do all I have asked of you so that you are ready at a moment’s notice. I ask this of all of My children. Be ready, so that you can move to the next area of holiness, the next physical area of your family or your personal mission to bring about My Father’s kingdom. Again, I say for those of you who are unsure what this is, you have only to ask Me and I will tell you. This is a great time of grace. Does this sound like Jesus contradicts Himself? You know that I do not. I will explain. This time is like no other one in history. The evil that has prevailed in this century has been like no other time in the history of the world. Therefore, I your Jesus bestow graces like no other time in history. Yes, My children of the Renewal, believe Me when I say, I bestow graces like no other time in history. You must ask for these graces for when one gives a gift there must be willingness on the part of the recipient to receive and open the gift. You must ask for these graces, but they are there for the asking. So few of My children ask and so there are many graces going unused. Ask Me. Ask My Mother. Ask the saints in Heaven for they are also involved with dispensing My graces for the world. You will need these graces, My children to live through the coming time of great trials and to help your brothers and sisters who do not know as much as you for they have been too preoccupied with worldly affairs. Many will repent and convert back to a holy way of life, but will not have taken the time to prepare for what is to come. Therefore, My children of the light who listen and follow Me, you will need to help them. In order to do so, you must be spiritually and physically prepared (in this order). If you can do nothing else, prepare spiritually for I will take care of the rest. You will be led to My children who have prepared. They are the ones who filled their lamps with oil as they waited, watched, and followed Me. I love all of My children and will not abandon you but prepare now so it will go well for you and your family. In this way, not only can you help your family but others I send you who are less prepared or who have been less fortunate in the material things in life. I do not refer to money, My children when I say material things, for money will do you no good in the times to come. I refer to their preparations for food, water, housing, and a new way of life. These are the material goods to which I refer. I have also asked several of My children, who obey My every request to prepare for the spiritual needs of My church, for the structures,

the buildings. The openness with which you worship now, will change. There are many children who prepare for this, so that My church and the Sacraments are still available though hidden. I also ask many of My children to prepare for those who will be hungry, by tilling the soil, planting and growing food so you do not starve, though many of My poor children will, but not all. I

prepare through some of My children, for those who will be wounded in certain parts of the world, for there will be physical atrocities aimed at killing all the people of the earth. This will not occur, though for I will not allow My children to become extinct in this world, though My adversary and yours will try. Many will die and be taken to Heaven and many will be lost. Many will be wounded and for these I have asked some of My children to prepare. My children of light, I tell you this to assure you that My plans are for your good. The evil one plans to destroy you. I plan to provide safety and security amidst the evil. I promise you that I will not abandon you, My children, My remnant. Yes, you must be prepared so that you can assist your brothers and sisters, some of whom will convert at a very late hour. They will be baby Christians new to the faith, and will also be caught unprepared. The more My children of the light prepare now, the more I can help through you. You are all very important to My plan and that of My Father. Do not take My trust in you lightly. You see My children of the Renewal, your Jesus is counting on you. Your Jesus trusts in you and so I ask you, do you trust in Me? Will you help your Jesus? Will you do your part to help your families and those I send you? I ask you for your yes. You are very important to My Father’s plan and He created you in this time of great duress to fulfill an important mission for His kingdom. I tell you, My little remnant, you will not regret one prayer prayed, one drop of water given, one embrace for a little child of mine in need of love, when you are in Heaven, so great will be My gratitude to what you have done for the least of your brothers and sisters. If you do not hasten to prepare yourselves, instead of being of assistance, you will be in need of assistance. Those of your brothers and sisters who work tirelessly for Me, their Jesus, will be less burdened and more able to care for the multitudes if you do your part. Come, there is much work to do, but we work together. I love you, I thank you, and I walk with you. Go out into the world carrying My love and My light to others. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go, children. Serve those in need. Pray, pray, pray and I will guide you. All will be well. Be love, be peace, be mercy, be light, be joy. Bring your Jesus to the lonely, the hurting, the lost, and My light will begin to shine more brightly for others to see. In this way, My renewal can begin. I love you. I bless you. I go before you. All will be well, but begin now to serve your Jesus.”

Thank you, Lord, for Your words of life and Your lessons of love. You are all good and deserving of all of our love. Teach us to love, Jesus. Teach us to forgive. Enlarge my heart, Jesus, so that I am filled with more of Your love. Thank You, Jesus that You include us in Your plan to bring about Your kingdom. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen, Jesus. Amen!

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