Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Jesus, it is good to be here with You in this lovely Adoration Chapel which is a most peaceful place. I adore you and praise you, Lord. Happy feast of Pentecost, Jesus. ( ..... personal dialogue with Jesus omitted.)

“My child, you are worried about many things and many people today. Give all of your concerns to Me and do not worry. Have faith in Me. Have trust in Me, your Jesus. I am at work in your loved ones’ life and in all situations.“

(Note: Jesus was asked about friends and also someone who died ...) “Yes, My daughter, this is an accurate assessment and one you had made previously when you hear of someone dying. Your thoughts about Me taking them to Heaven to spare them are accurate. I spare those children of Mine who I know have either suffered terribly in these days or would move further from Me. I take My children when their souls are most ready to leave the earth either because they have completed the work given to them by Me to do or because to leave them any longer would not be a cause for increased holiness, but in fact they would grow away from Me or not have as much zeal in their hearts. I take My children when, and only when, it is best for their soul. I love all of My children and do what is the utmost good for their futures in Heaven. “ Thank you, Jesus.....

(Note: dialogue about desire to know and walk with Jesus in His time... ) “My daughter, My Father planned for all time the age each one of His children would be created. Each person is given a specific gift to use for His kingdom in a specific time in history. You were meant to be here, now, as this is the time in which you are needed. I understand what you are saying, My little one, for you love your Jesus and want to walk with Me on the road to Emmaus, listen to My parables, ask questions of Me, and hold My hand on your journey. We are friends, My little lamb, and it is only natural for friends who love one another to want to be together, and so you come to Adoration to be near Me and so I can be near you in a most significant way. How delighted I am that you and your husband spend time with Me each week. Though you love Me, it is very unselfish of you to put Me first, even before one another. I love you, My darlings, and your Jesus appreciates the great gift that is your time. You struggle even as you write this for you cannot imagine that you give your Lord a great gift.”

Lord, I understand that you encouraging us and that You thank us just as a good parent thanks children for their good behavior, though they should use good behavior. Your love, Your joy, the smallest things are such a mystery to me. You who created the Heavens and the earth and every human being and creature, delight in the smallest of things. I see now why we have been asked to become like little children in purity and joy, for if we do, or hopefully when we do, we become like You. This is the first time I have understood this, Jesus. How beautiful You are and what a kind and patient teacher. Wow! When we learn to love and accept people and events with the trust and openness of little children, we become more Christ-like. Now, I think I am just beginning to understand. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to understand this concept. I guess because it doesn’t seem natural to compare the all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever present God who created the universe and all in the Heavens and under the Heavens out of nothing, to compare You to a child, but that is now ever so obvious to me. You are holy, pure, joyful, nonjudgmental in Your love of our souls, always merciful, kind, forgiving, and accepting of us even when we have sinned. This purity of heart is what You want us to have, and which I see and hear in You. Thank you for the grace to comprehend this, Jesus. You are always the benevolent teacher. I love You, My Lord and My God.

“You are welcome, My little lamb. There have many times you were on the brink of seeing this. But now that you have become much more familiar with My nature you have made the connection. There are many more concepts I want you to learn, but now you have a new framework in which to view things from a heavenly perspective. Everything good in nature and in people points to Me. You can see My characteristics in other things and people, and when humans achieve these qualities it should serve to lift their hearts and minds to Me, but people are too busy these days. Families are overcommitted with both their time and their resources. This will change as the time of great trials comes upon My children. Perspectives will change almost immediately when people realize the material goods they were seeking and working so hard for do not matter and are not needed. Their priorities will shift almost immediately and they will be sorry for the time they wasted when they could have been preparing.”

Lord, I feel we should be doing more to prepare, and yet we are trying to do what you have asked. “Yes, My daughter, I understand and yet all needed to be in place to move you forward. Your hearts needed to be formed first. You are preparing now and that is of the utmost importance. Give all burdens to Me and I will help you with them.”

Thank you, Jesus. Jesus, I am sorry for my weariness. I sit down in this peaceful place with your Presence where I feel safe, loved, and at rest, and I begin to fall asleep. I should be completely alert and focused on You, dear Jesus. I am sorry. “My daughter, your Jesus understands this. I know you were up late ordering the remaining items I requested, for I was with you. I know you did not want to disappoint Me, and yet you would not have. I also know how much you are trying to do what I ask of you as soon as possible due to the urgency of the times. Remember, Your Jesus knows everything. I understand. You may rest in Your Jesus’ presence, for all is safe with Me. It is good that My peace gives you rest and yet there is much work to do. You struggle to do all that I ask and you have not found the right balance between working for Me and resting. I urge you to fulfill My requests, keep you in your job that is very demanding, ask you to be more devoted to your family, and ask that you get more rest. I ask much of you, My little lamb. I ask the seemingly impossible, yet with Me, it is possible. You will see, My little one. When you begin to leave everything to Me and do your part you will find this balance that you long for, My child. It will happen. As it is, you work tirelessly for Me, and this is pleasing to Me. It isn’t the outcome of the work, but the intention and the love with which you work. If you accepted this entirely, you would give yourself a break. Working hard and then resting and asking Me and your angels to do the rest. You are learning, though, My daughter. You must learn this important lesson, for this balance will be required when the time of great trials is here. Your weariness now is only going to be worse if you haven’t learned this important lesson for it is humanly impossible to do everything I ask without complete reliance on Me. Do you understand, My daughter?” (messenger’s answer & work dialogue omitted)

“My daughter, you will learn to trust Me and this will occur as you begin to first act on what I say, doing your best, then leaving on time, and seeing that it all will work out. When you leave the worries and the heavy workload to Me you will see how your God takes control. This requires much trust, I realize. When you put this level of trust in Me, in spite of the circumstances and how things appear, you unleash My power. You will see, and this is what I need you to learn so that you can move forward in My plan. My children often do not comprehend the way out of their troubles is to do exactly as I say. I am able then to make many changes occur more rapidly due to the level of trust souls have in Me. My direction often seems to be the opposite of what the world has taught you. This is true because My ways are not the world’s ways. My ways seem counterintuitive to most and yet it is because the culture in the world is so far from Me. You are living in a time when people are far from Me, My daughter. Those who love and follow Me are even blinded to the truth. You have noticed this by observing people who love Me and worship Me being oblivious to My law, especially when they do not observe and keep holy the Sabbath. Is this a good observation? Yes. Those who disobey this Commandment are breaking My law and yet they do not do so intentionally for they are not doing it maliciously. However, if even My friends and followers break the Commandments are blind to it, what does that say about the state of the times? My children, wake up and see that I desire a holy people that follow Me and live My Commandments. It does not give a good witness to those who do not know Me when they watch My followers disobeying My Commandments. Be holy as I am holy. Be love as I am love. Follow Me and I will lead you into My kingdom and by your example, many souls will be saved from eternal damnation. My children I plead with you to act like My children and by your life, bear witness. Do not relax the standards set by God, My holy remnant, for to do so will only lead others to perdition. Be light in this darkest of times. Be My hands, My feet, and My heart to lead others to My heavenly kingdom. This is of the utmost importance. By living the Sabbath now, by prayer and fasting and loving as I love, you are practicing the life of the Children of the Renewal and subsequent Era of Peace. When this life, My life, is lived peace will prevail and life on this planet will flourish. It is difficult to do so now because satan appears to have a foothold and you are in battle, spiritual battle. At the same time you are fighting, you are also going through basic training. This is why all of earth groans as it awaits My coming. You and your husband and all of My faithful Children of the Renewal must carry a heavy load for your Jesus. This load, though, is of the utmost value for you are indeed carrying many of your brothers and sisters. Do you see, My daughter? You truly are working in My rescue mission, now, even before the physical rescue mission will occur which we have discussed at length and for which you and your family are being prepared. Only a little while longer, My little lamb, Your Jesus needs your continued ‘yes’ to carry forward a little while longer while you endure your difficult work and then the next phase of your journey will begin. Do not hesitate, My son and daughter, to continue your heavy workload and your pace for I carry both of you on My shoulders. You have only to call upon Me and any of the saints in Heaven for assistance and We will help you. We love you. We await your every need. You do not see the many graces being given to you and that is to be expected. If you did not have the graces I and My Mother pour out on you and your family, you would collapse from the weight of the responsibilities I have given you, and yet you do not and so We continue on together as you prepare for the most critical work to come that I and My Father have given you. We need you. We love you. We care for you.”

(Note: personal conversation has been omitted & this messenger is now speaking with God, the Father) I feel as though our family and all of Your children are preparing for a storm during which we will not be able to see the way. We will take hold of Our Lady’s mantle where She will lead us through. She holds the hand of Your Son, our Jesus, and He always leads to You since You and He are one. We will not be able to see where we are going and certainly not the way to get through the storm. But, we know, being in lockstep with Jesus and Mary, we will get safely to You, Father, on the other side of the storm. Father, the storm clouds are gathering and they look very dark. They have reached their fullness and would have burst long ago were it not for the intercession and intervention of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Do not give up on us, Father. See our small attempts to follow Jesus as giant ones since we are covered by Him. All that we do is small indeed but He takes our nothing and makes it something good for You,

Father. Help this world that You created and all that dwells within it to come back to You, our

Lord and our God. Please, Father, we have come so far without you and we do not know the way back to you, our dearest Father. You see all, though, Father, and you know where each and every one of Your children are. Find us, Lord, and by the merits of Your perfect Son and His Holy Mother Mary, bring us all back to the safety of Your home where You live and reign forever. Please help us. I know you have been tireless in Your assistance, but Your mercy knows no end and we belong to You. You said that even were a mother to forget her children You would never forget us. Bring us, therefore, back into the safety of Your family, Father, where everyone loves one another, forgives, and comes to each person’s aid. We long to live in Your family, Father God. Help us to behave like the fortunate and grateful children You so deserve. Forgive us our sins, dearest God, for we know not what we do to our Lord and Savior each time we sin.

(God, the Father, speaks) “My child, I hear your pleas, and I know your heart is sincere. Your God never changes and of course I will come to your assistance. My child, My child, My child. If only all My children wanted to please Me as much as you try to, My little one, the world would be a very different place. With sadness, there are souls who want in the worst way to destroy all of My holy remnant, My son’s church, and the very world I created. From My mercy and goodness I must act or their plans would come to fruition. I am a loving God and therefore I will not allow evil to destroy all life. I will not! Unfortunately, My sad, sad children who have chosen a path of evil refuse to turn their hearts toward Me and want no one else to have the opportunity to choose Me. In your innocence you do not, nor can you see the extent of evil around you. I have protected you from this for you would not be able to bear it. For a time I will continue to protect you, but at the moment in history which will be known as the times of great trials, the Tribulation, I will not protect you from seeing the atrocious plans come to fruition. For to do so, would mean that I would have to take you to Heaven. I need you and My brave son to remain in this work to which I have called you and have planned for you to fulfill from the beginning. You are needed by Me My little ones. I am asking you to continue forward following every directive My Son and His Mother give you for the salvation of many and the successful end to an era of disobedience. Yes, My child, you will see the end of this evil era and it will go out in a very destructive, conclusive way. I say conclusive for My plans will conclude this time of evil. Afterwards My Son and His Mother will lead My holy and faithful little remnant into the New Era, the Era of Peace. This will be My time and the time of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Until then, continue on for you are part of the ‘Number’, and that means you are on Her team. In this way, you must follow in Her footsteps which was a life lived perfectly in the footsteps of Jesus. You are called to minister to those who are hurting, lonely, traumatized, and in need of refuge from the evil world surrounding them. You will open your arms to hold them closely in the bosom of your family as your husband leads as the head of your little domestic church. You will bring them all safely with you into the new Era where all will be beautiful, peaceful, bountiful, and full of grace. The skies you and My son love so much will be even more vivid with hues you have never before seen by your eyes. You will be amazed by the beauty of the earth and the joy that will overflow in each person’s heart. So great will the gratitude be within every child of the Creator that all of Heaven will rejoice. My daughter, should I also hold back the new Era? For that is what I am doing when I hold back the time of great trials.”

Oh, Father, I had not thought of that. I see and I thank you for helping me to understand this. I am very slow to learn but you never give up on me or grow impatient. Thank You for Your love,

My Father. I love you. “Thank you, My daughter. Listen to My Son and His Holy and Perfect Mother and follow them as best you can. My Son takes small steps so that you are able to keep up with Him and yet due to the times you must pick up your pace and follow Him where He leads you. He is leading you on a path of holiness to new heights that will also guarantee your safety and that of all your family and those who will be in your family’s charge. Do not be discouraged, but take heart. Your Father in Heaven loves you and I know all you are trying to do to be a good daughter of your Father, the King. I love you. Go in My peace and follow My Son for the rest of your life. One day, you and My son will be with Me in My kingdom and all will be made crystal clear to you. You do not need to walk on earth with your eyes wide open in a storm, as long as you take My Son’s hand. Be that hand and arm and heart to the little lost children who come to you wounded, afraid, and with no trust in their heart. Be My Son to them.

Be My Son’s Mother. Love them back to life in the safety of your loving home and community. We will rebuild My world together, My child. Yes, that is what Our communities all over the world will be doing, rebuilding My world. Do you see to a degree how important My mission is, dear daughter?”

Yes, Father. Thank you Father.

(Jesus is now speaking) My little lamb, I have given you a beautiful time today in Adoration. My Father filled you and your husband with numerous graces; Graces for holiness and graces for heroic love. We send these through the heart of My Beautiful Mother Mary where the graces She has put a sparkle on them and sent them on to you. All is mystery and all is light and love. These graces will grow within your hearts and souls to transform you during the final days before the transition. Recall that you have these graces. Trust in Me and My Father. We will not abandon or desert you as We lead you to a new life. This life, though difficult at first, will be worth the effort. We have many, many gifts waiting for Our Children of the Renewal, too numerous for you to count. These will be a delightful surprise and will afford you a new way of living and loving others. I love you and I trust you. Take My hand and do not look back. Focus on the remaining tasks and look forward to the future that awaits you. You do not know the way, but I do, and I assure you, you will not be lost nor will you take your eyes off Me. I give you a new heart, a new mind, the mind of Christ. Yes, My child, these are your graces, your gifts. Love well. Go in My peace. Be My love. Be My peace. Be My Children of the Renewal and share this light, which is My light, with all you meet. I give you My joy. I give you Me.”

Thank you, Jesus. There are no words to express my gratitude (dialogue omitted ................ )

“Go in peace, My children, loving and living in My light. Finish all I have asked and together We go forward. Peace I give you, I give you My love, and I give you My Mother, your Star.” Thank you, Jesus.

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