Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, January 6, 2023

Epiphany, Feast of the Three Kings

Message of January 6, 2018 (from the Book of 2017)


January 6, 2018 and Cenacle, Saturday. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, on January 6, 2018, we celebrated the Feast of the Three Kings. We celebrated a dignified Holy Sacrifice Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. The Marian altar and especially the infant Jesus in the manger were brightly lit and bathed in a radiant light. The halo of the infant Jesus was especially illuminated. The infant Jesus wore a new white dress and in this dress there were pearls and diamonds, as in the case of the Blessed Mother. The manger was again decorated with abundant flowers. The infant Jesus was lying on a padded white silk base. It smiled at me and it seemed very content.

You should put the infant Jesus in the manger only dressed because the feeling wants to be addressed. The Christmas season lasts until February 2. A small baby, which is carried to the baptism, one wraps also in a festive little white dress. We want to venerate It especially with lullabies, because It is to be venerated and comforted by us in this time of unbelief.

Also today the Heavenly Father speaks.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak today, on this feast day, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and faithful from near and far. Today you celebrate the Feast of the Three Kings. It is a special feast that you are celebrating. Unfortunately, it is not celebrated as a holiday in your state of Lower Saxony. Many have no memory of what this day actually means.

Therefore, I address you, My beloved ones, to solemnly highlight this feast. Commit a small devotion in honor of the day. Be there also to console the Blessed Mother and the infant Jesus in the manger, for as you know, He suffers hunger, thirst, and also cold, for it was winter and bitterly cold in the poor stable.

The Deity suffered in the infant Jesus, and we cannot imagine how much the infant Jesus suffered even as a small child. People rejected It, even despised It and had It murdered with false arguments instead of worshipping It. Since the infant Jesus could not be found by King Herod, he had all the little children in the area murdered. These little children were already martyrs.

Today, so many children are bestially killed in the womb. This is very sad for the infant Jesus. He is already suffering in the manger. Therefore, we should comfort Him and sing lullabies to Him. Then the infant Jesus will experience a little joy, because in this Christmas season you will receive many graces at the manger.

I was allowed to see those rays of grace that emanated from the infant Jesus.

I, the Heavenly Father, am very sad that so many priests in this day and age live faithlessly without thinking about the fact that they have a responsibility as vocations.

They stand at the people's altar and distribute hand communion or instruct the laity to distribute it. They do not even believe in the birth of Jesus Christ or in the resurrection of God. They interpret the Bible as they see fit. The error and confusion are so cruel that one cannot grasp it. More and more believers are turning to other religions.

People live in the world in dire need of enlightenment. Today's world requires priests who truthfully proclaim the Word of God and live it themselves.

Priests are no longer willing to live a sacrificial life because they love mammon more than spreading the love of God. Unfortunately, worldly things take precedence in Germany. As a result, the apostasy has increased rapidly.

Not even in your dreams can you imagine what is really happening in the world, because through your depth of faith you see everything in a completely different and good perspective and have grasped the true meaning of life.

It is cruel for you to live in the world and not be of the world.

Not only the children are murdered in the womb, but the young people are also corrupted. The adults are taught wrongly by the priests.

Confession has been abolished and communion is received without reverence. Many faithful receive this sacrament in grave sin without first going to the Holy Sacrament of Penance. Moreover, hand communion is a sacrilege and an abomination to Me.

Today it is even administered in many places of pilgrimage. The priests in the modernist churches will continue to give hand communion without feeling any sense of reverence.

Priests continue to stand at the people's altar and celebrate the communion of meals. No one is concerned that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross is being grossly dishonored. Everywhere in the modernist churches chaos is created and no one feels that My Son Jesus Christ is no longer worshipped. He has been erased from memory and is lived to the fullest. How can My Son Jesus Christ be born anew in people's hearts at Christmas if they reject Him, even forget that there is one God in the Trinity?

But if today a priest makes a conversion, he will become My fiery devotee. He will stand ready to fight against today's laws and will not give up even if he has to suffer persecution. He will not give up, but will carry his cross with love, perseverance and gratitude.

These are today's conversions and miracles that are spreading very quickly. These people bear witness to the truth and again inspire others who were previously hostile to the faith. Thus, a single priest or believer can convert a whole army of people by his example if he lives and witnesses the truth.

In the world today, the supernatural has been lost. The division of faith has already begun. Those who stay in the modernist churches experience the worldly. People have even turned the churches into sales stores or discos. Instead of prayer, musical or theatrical groups are invited to inspire the young. But the progressive apostasy cannot be stopped.

Dementia has taken hold of many elderly people who are left alone by their relatives. They are deported and treated in the worst way. Guardians are appointed by the courts to secure their assets. Yes, they vegetate in homes and no sacraments are administered to strengthen them, because faithlessness has spread.

Today I want to tell you why I have brought the messages about My little Catherine to the public through the Internet. This dementia disease has become a common disease. I have used the disease that My little Catherine is suffering from as an example to educate many people. It is useful to obtain a living will to protect oneself from the arbitrariness of doctors, caregivers and nursing staff.

This disease is spreading like a virus. It is a sign of the confusion of faith. Because no one listens to the needs of people in this day and age, many people become lonely and live hopelessly.

The sacrament of confession, which has fallen into oblivion, could provide a remedy and help people. Only true faith in Me in the Trinity can remedy this evil and all other afflictions.

Man can find the truth only if he avoids grave sin, lives according to the ten commandments and regularly receives the sacraments, which exist only in the Catholic faith.

Otherwise, the evil one continues to have a hold on people who have turned away from the faith. He can confuse them and push them forward in unbelief.

The cravings of the world are very strong. Sexualism is widespread. It is possible, to live it out today in all variations, because it is becoming more and more widespread and the laws of politics do not put a stop to it.

The authority of today's church lies in the complete unbelief up to the highest top. The commandment of silence is announced. The lie becomes the truth. If someone professes the true Catholic faith, he is excluded from society, loses his profession and his existence. He becomes an individual and is shunned by the community. No one wants to have anything to do with him.

The Holy Sacrifice Mass in the traditional form is put down as an extraordinary form in order not to find the reverence of faith. The true church is lying on the ground and is destroyed beyond recognition.

I need saintly priests and believers who can lay down their lives for the true faith. They will thus become martyrs of the soul if they take upon themselves the difficulties and sacrifices for the sake of Heaven. Fearless and carefree, they should live their lives and boldly confess their faith.

My beloved believers, I, the Heavenly Father, want to become the guide of your soul. I want to love you in Divine strength. You shall experience My love. I want to penetrate your hearts and find open doors.

If you lay down your life for faith, this will be fruitful for your enemies. They can be saved from eternal damnation through this.

Many will still want to repent through your perseverance in this most difficult time of the crisis of faith. You will then bear fruitful witness to your faith.

Some will receive world-shaking tasks as a gift of grace through their conversion. The miracles in you and around you will happen quite soon. They will astonish people.

I will appoint some more seers. Each of them will be given a task of his own. One task will not be the same as another. Therefore do not compare the individual messages with the others. This will bring confusion to you.

My beloved ones, every believer has to go through severe suffering in My last time before My intervention. I desire that you offer up this suffering and cross and make atonement for the many offenses of the apostate priests. Every sacrilege must be atoned for.

Also, pray much for the poor souls so that they may soon dwell in eternal glory.

What about this ruined church of My Son Jesus Christ, which has been completely destroyed by the authorities? Atonement upon atonement you have made. But I leave to every cardinal, bishop and the present pope the will to want to repent, because faith is the freest decision of every man.

I will make the glorious church arise, then, when My time has come.

It is not your time according to which My time is measured. I am the great Almighty, Omniscient and Omnipotent God, who holds the whole world and church in His hands. You always see only a small part of My possibilities. But it looks different from what you wish.

I tell you to persevere. This is your task. Give thanks for your cross, even if it is difficult. Everyone who lives and testifies to the faith is especially loved and guided by Me. He will not be able to shape his life by his own efforts, but only with Divine power.

The Catholic Church in Jesus Christ will never perish, for I tell you, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

The evil one still exercises his power. He will oppress you. But your dearest mother is the Queen. She will win the victory with Her Marian children.

The true Holy Sacrifice Mass in the Tridentine Rite will spread throughout the world before then. The Church is already divided, because a part of My faithful will remain in the modernist Church. They will have to experience the evil spirit.

How many times have I warned everyone to get out of these modernist churches. They have thrown this warning to the wind and have not believed it. Now they will have to bear the consequences, because the evil one will be able to exercise full power over them.

Some of My chosen ones will not be able to resist Satan because they do not recognize evil, for the adversary is cunning.

Now you can prove to Me if you really love Me, for I ask you "Do you really love Me, do you love Me more than your children?" Then separate yourselves from them if they do not live and testify to the truth. This includes the Holy Sacrifice Mass in the true rite not in modernism. It requires a deep faith to witness this love.

Pray the Rosary every day and do your daily chores with serenity. Celebrate a Holy Sacrifice Mass every day, even if it is difficult for you in terms of time. You cannot do the many things if you do not strengthen yourselves through the Holy Sacrifice Mass.

He who loves mammon cannot serve Me. And whoever loves his children more than Me, will fall into evil, because he proves that he does not offer his life to Me, the Most High God. I have laid down My life for My sheep. Follow Me and leave the world. Surrender yourselves completely to My Heavenly Will. Then have you will have the protection you need and the fear will go away.

You are My favored ones whom I have chosen. I will never leave you alone in your worries.

My beloved, in this day and age, charity is in the last place, for everyone is his own neighbor. Egoism, one's own ego wants to be satisfied. This means living with the world and leaving the neighbor alone with his worries. One does not stand by him when it is necessary.

Therefore, My beloved ones, I, the Heavenly Father, must start the intervention quite soon. I am very sad about this, that this must happen, since so many souls are sinking into eternal damnation. They will not follow Me, but evil. They despise Me and continue to live in misbelief, although I have pleaded with them so many times to leave unbelief in order to convert.

I love every person and will not reject anyone who confesses his guilt before Me. The Sacrament of Penance is for everyone. I call you once again, receive the sacraments worthily in sanctifying grace. Turn away from sin so that I can protect you. Without My protection you cannot exist in this world of impurity.

I want to pour My love into every heart. I am waiting with longing for the conversion of each willing one.

Believe and trust in My love, for it is boundless. The Christmas season is a time of grace. Take advantage of it and go often to the manger to adore the infant Jesus.

I now bless you in the Trinity with all the angels and saints, with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory and the little Infant Jesus in the manger, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Today, on this feast of the Three Kings, adore the infant Jesus in the manger, for He wants to be comforted by you.