Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, January 1, 2023

Solemnity of the Mother of God Mary and Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord

And Also We Are to Read This Message of January 1, 2019


January 1, 2019, Solemnity of the Blessed Mother. Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne at 12:50 and 7:10 pm.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father speak now and at this moment, through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. I, the Heavenly Father, wish to bestow upon you today, on the first day of the New Year, the blessing of the Triune God.

You are My beloved and chosen ones. You have placed yourselves entirely at the disposal of the Divine Will. I thank you from the bottom of My heart that you now want to expose yourselves to the struggle of evil. I will accompany you on this path. Your dearest Mother will lend you protection and will not leave you alone.

She is the bride of the Holy Spirit and will give you the knowledge you need to confront evil. You will meet people with whom you should no longer be silent. This is a missionary task for you to accomplish.

My beloved ones, you know that Islamization has broken over your German country. This Muslim faith is the faith of the devil. It rages in the terrorists. He even goes into the churches and murders the priests and believers in the houses of worship.

Why is that, My beloved ones? Because true faith is no longer professed, and people simply live along without faith. They perceive worldly pleasures and put mammon first. Moreover, they perceive their own power and do not let the loving God rule.

This is a great offense to which people must first confess. This godless world has done so much harm that no beginning can be found to bring Catholic life back to the forefront. A complete chaos has broken into this world.

The cardinals, bishops and priests have become godless. The spirit of mischief has entered even the highest echelons of the church. Homosexuality is practiced even in these ranks. It is a mockery of the Catholic faith that is lived and exemplified there. The Vatican is thus contaminated with sacrilege. One sin piles upon another. Everything must be atoned for, My beloved and faithful.

You, My little one, have sacrificed your increasing blindness for these grave offenses. Look into this weather situation. Can it still be measured by normal standards? A dark wall of clouds covers the sky and no bright glow can be seen.

My beloved ones, this cloud cover is to reflect the sadness of heaven. All of heaven is weeping over the increase in ungodliness, if it needs any increase at all. It is unimaginable for you to bring faith into this dark world.

You are in this struggle of faith. Do you want to give up? Then you have thrown away faith and the demon will have the reign in your territory, the primacy. You are still there to stand up to the demon.

It will not be easy for you to take up this fight. You will be despised and new doors will not always be opened for you. You will be met with the hatred of the Catholic faith. The persecution of Christians has begun. Do you want to fight or do you want to leave the field to evil without a fight?

You, My beloved ones, are now faced with your own decision. The three of you have said a clear "Yes Father" to Me, the Heavenly Father. I thank you for your willingness in the realm of Heavenly Divine Powers.

You cannot imagine how few willing ones want to reach out to Me, the Heavenly Father, and stand by Me in the fight against the evil spirit.

My beloved Alexander, you too will be up to your new task if you willingly follow My every step. Of course, you will face much opposition and the hatred of the Catholic Church.

Always remain in the protection of your dearest Heavenly Mother, who will accompany you in your new task. Be grateful and go forward courageously.

Sometimes you will not feel My will mentally, and it will be as if you stop on the spot, because you will not see any progress. Then please go forward. These are your trials, which you will surely pass with Divine power. Bravely you will take up the fight and Satan's wiles will not strike you, for you have a prayer army behind you. Remember that you are in Divine guidance. You will recognize My providence and connect everything with the supernatural. This will strengthen you in your task.

My beloved ones, how are things now in the New Year? Please do not develop any special fears, because Heaven will guide you. Often you will want to escape from the many tasks, because many things will overwhelm you. If you do not devote yourselves completely to Heaven's Providences, your strength will slacken. Much will be demanded of you.

Bear in mind that the persecution of Christians is in full swing. But if one door is slammed shut on you, the next door will open. You will watch the chaos in amazement, not knowing which step to take first. Then turn to your dearest Heavenly Mother, she will ask for the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, for she is the Bride of the Holy Spirit.

First, the lawn cross in Meggen and also the lawn cross in Eisenberg will become visible. This is to help all who are willing to accept their own cross. It is also a preparation for the ray cross, which will then appear throughout the firmament.

Everyone will see it and it will also astonish people. Their hearts will be seized by the love of God. Gratefully, many will accept it. But some people will be the ones who want to spread their hatred and mockery. This is then the evil spirit that wants to turn people away from the true event.

Do not be deceived. You are experiencing a true miracle of heaven that no one can explain. Rejoice in this miracle of grace and accept it gratefully.

There will be more miracles to come. Godlessness has become so widespread that it has infested whole regions.

I exhort you once again, My children, take the rosary, the ladder to heaven at hand and do not wait any longer for the other to accomplish it. It is the very last time.

My second coming is just around the corner. Get ready for it, all of you. Leave no stone unturned to repent and confess your sins. A good confession is in order now. Each individual now has responsibility for his or her own actions.

No one can fall back on the fact that nothing was known to him and unfortunately he was not informed by My instructions in the messages. Everyone is aware of the Internet and everyone can get them in a copy store for few expenses.

Now, My beloved ones, the 11th book is being prepared and a short time will pass and everyone can then get it in all bookstores or at the Mainz printing house in Aachen. The print shop will not be able to print as fast as the demand will be. It will even be out of print for some time.

This new book contains the whole crisis of today's modernist church and also the helps for the "New Church with True Sacrificial Mass and True Holy Priests."

My beloved ones, you will not be able to grasp how things will suddenly look very different. No one expected that anything could change. But I, the Heavenly Father, will hold the scepter firmly in My hand and renew the Catholic Church. She will rise in bright splendor as she has never been before.

Have faith, My beloved children, and do not despair about the present situation of the Catholic Church. It will then be unrecognizable.

But decisive and powerful things will also have to happen so that people wake up from their deep sleep of unbelief and lack of spirit.

This un-spirit will not be able to exercise its power in the future. A great battle is now called for, and in this battle you stand, My beloved and faithful. You are fighting and will crush the head of the serpent with the Heavenly Mother. You may be grateful that you receive the discernment of spirits. Without this knowledge, you would be helpless.

My beloved ones, become active and form prayer chains wherever you can and become inventive in faith. When you begin, the Spirit of God will work in you. This will be felt by many and will spur more and more believers to put their thoughts into action. You will not slacken, because you will experience true conversion miracles. You will never want to continue to watch inactively as one wants to destroy the One, True Catholic Church.

Satan is on his last legs. He does make an appearance. But he feels that his last time has come. Do not be afraid, My beloved Marian children, for you will be equal to the demands that will be made of you. You will cope with everything with Divine strength.

You will always be guided with Divine energy and you will feel it.

The dearest Heavenly Mother has special graces to give away today, on this first day of the New Year. Receive these graces gratefully, for they are meant to strengthen you for the time to come.

I embrace you, My beloved and faithful, you are united with the supernature and this will help you over all hurdles.

I bless you with all the angels and saints with your dearest Heavenly Mother, the Mother and Queen in all the battles of God and Rose Queen of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be all ready for this final battle, for Heaven awaits your readiness. The love of the Father in heaven will drive you forward.