Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, December 26, 2022

2nd day of Christmas and feast of St. Stephen the arch-martyr

Come All to the Manger, My Beloved Ones, There You Will Be Touched by Divine Love and Will Not Go Astray


Here the message of 12/26/2018 to read:

December 26, 2018, Second Christmas Day. Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument, Anne, at 7:15 pm.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father speak now and at this moment, through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

My beloved little flock, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. Today I give you a few more instructions for your daily journey. You have now been able to receive many gifts of grace from the manger to strengthen you. The Christmas season should continue to please you, because it is a beautiful time of the year. Enjoy this time to the fullest.

My beloved children, today you have celebrated the feast of the martyr Saint Stephen. My children, yes the joy and the cross are close together. It is the truth. All of us today also experience the joys and also the sorrows. We cannot escape from it, although some try. But reality catches up with everyone.

Saint Stephen prayed for us on the day of his death. He saw heaven open and also saw the joys that were coming to him. But at the same time he prayed for his tormentors, his persecutors. Until the last moment he did not stop praying.

We are also surrounded by persecutors and we do not want them to be thrown into the eternal fire. We pray for them. This is the way of loving our enemies. This is our Catholic patrimony.

May the Heavenly Father grant us the strength not to fail at the decisive moment of our lives and to confess Him. We do not know what is yet to come.

Things look very bad in this world. We do not know what the new day will bring for us. War is practically at the door. Only heaven can avert it through prayer and atonement.

Yet we hear that more and more people are turning to unbelief. They become godless or fall into false religion, idolatry. How quickly this has happened, for Satan holds his followers in his grip. His deception knows no bounds. He is inventive in lying. Only those who persevere in prayer and sacrifice have true knowledge and the gift of discernment.

Resist the evil one, for he is cunning and also tries his deception and lies to dissuade you who believe.

He also tries to deceive these sheep of God and rejoices immensely in his successes.

My beloved children, take refuge under the protective mantle of your dearest Heavenly Mother, for She wants to guard Her children and bring all of them to Me, your Heavenly Father.

Let yourselves be guided, My beloved ones. Be vigilant and rely on the plans and wishes of the Heavenly Father. He alone is the truth. He alone holds the whole world in His wise hands. We are all dependent on Him and unable to use our own will. Most certainly, then, we will go astray without realizing it.

Let us therefore place ourselves in the hands of our Heavenly Father, who will surely guide us in the right directions and always means well with us. Unfortunately, we sometimes realize it too late when a blow of fate befalls us. We then ask very quickly, how can this happen? I can not understand it, because I have always prayed, have I not?

It is not because of that, My beloved ones. Heavenly Father is up to something with our failures that we cannot see right away. Often when we get through most of it, we realize Heavenly Father's love. We cannot always understand Him right away because He is inscrutable. Let us rely on His instructions. He is the best Father we have. He always means well with us.

My beloved little one, do not be sad that you still have the atonement suffering. Your blindness is progressing. However, take advantage of My desire of the operation and rely on My guidance. Always you will be able to write My messages, because they are necessary for the whole world and that is what I intend. You are My willing instrument and you will be guided by Me. This operation is guided by Me, remember that, for the supernature guides all in the right paths.

Look at the sky, everything is gray in gray and very dark. That means the darkness in the world that you carry, hence your blindness. I, the Heavenly Father, suffer all earthly suffering and no one wants to follow Me, because the path is hard and stony.

People today desire pleasure. They want to undermine the ten commandments. They really think that they must always be well off. They reject sacrifice. That is why the altar of sacrifice has been eliminated from the priests. It is easier to live modernism. There is no serious sin and no hell. One can live without limits and just has it easier than the traditionalists.

That is why, My beloved ones, the Holy Sacrificial Eucharist at the altar of sacrifice has not been fruitful until today. People continue to reject it and live according to the Second Vatican Council. That is just ecumenism and it is in modernism.

If you follow this path of modernism, you will go astray. You are being led astray and do not realize it, because you are swimming along in the great stream and what the general public is doing is the easy thing but not the right thing.

You do not need a testimony of faith, because everything is ambiguous and explainable in such a way that you do not immediately recognize the lie. One simply swims with the stream and does not dare to go My way alone. Most certainly one is then mocked because of the steadfast faith.

My beloved ones, it is not easy to live and witness this true faith. Often you are abandoned by everyone, even your closest relatives. You cannot grasp it.

Did I not tell you to leave everything and follow Me? Even if you stand alone, it is the only and right way. Only then will you experience true happiness in your heart.

I will accompany you on this path and will not leave you. Believe in the Holy Scriptures, for there you will read the truth. Unfortunately, today's Catholics are no longer versed in the Holy Scriptures. They no longer take the Bible to hand.

Otherwise, they would not reject and mock today's prophets. I have given them to you as a supplement to the Bible. So that you can understand everything. I make it understandable through My messengers and messengers.

But if you do not take the Bible at hand, you do not know it, although you all claim, "We have the Bible" and do not need new prophets and reject them without ever having read their messages. My beloved ones, this happened already in ancient Rome and still today you have not learned.

I speak to you through My messengers and want to warm and break through your hardened hearts. Do you have no time for Me, the Almighty God, the Triune God? Am I so far from you that you do not recognize Me in all the things of the world?

I want to be close to you because My love is boundless. But you continue to reject Me, I want to be close to you in the Blessed Sacrament. Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, I will refresh you. I am your God, whom you should worship.

Look at the little Jesus? How poor and weak it lies in a wretched manger, where ox and donkey must warm it. Let your heart be warmed and hurry to the manger. There you can get the most graces. Hurry there and take advantage of the Christmas season to pick up these gifts. It is a contemplative time and I want to enter your hearts.

Miracles of grace will happen through prayer and sacrifice. You will not be able to grasp it. Take the rosary in your hands and pray it again together in your family because where there is prayer, the evil one has no chance.

How much strife is there in this confused time? This time has become godless. People make other gods for themselves and go after their pleasures, for that costs no sacrifice. The world offers much and there are many temptations to which one succumbs very quickly.

Man must return to what is most important. It has been lost to him in the bustle of time. Everything is allowed today. Man lives limitlessly and thinks there is no awakening from it.

One day you will stand before the eternal judge. Then you will be asked about your life all by yourselves. Then you will have to bear your responsibility for how you handled your talents that were given to you. Then there will be no turning back.

But most people do not think about the eternal. They live in a maelstrom that pulls them down and from which there is a rude awakening.

The time is ripe, My beloved children, turn back and leave your wrong ways. I am still admonishing you. But when My intervention comes, it will be too late for all of you to turn back.

I exhort you again today turn back because I love you. Leave the ways of esotericism that are spread all over the world, even in this modernist Catholic Church. They are false paths and they lure you because modernity teaches it. The general public is falling for this trend.

But I, the Heavenly Father, want to save you from this delusion. I want to shelter you in the safe haven of love. Come to Me, all of you, I will be with you and will not leave you alone in this troublesome time.

I bless you with all the angels and saints, especially with your dearest and Heavenly Mother in the Trinity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Come all to the manger, My beloved ones, there you will be touched by Divine Love and will not go astray. It is the safe haven that will touch you.