Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Please Read the Message of December 16, 2018, Gaudete Sunday!


December 16, 2018, Gaudete Sunday. Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne at 12:40 pm and 7:10 pm.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and at this moment, through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and faithful from near and far. Today, on Gaudete Sunday, I give you very special and important instructions that will make known the coming of your Savior.

My beloved father children, be vigilant, for the time has come when I will enlighten you. My time of preparation will see a tremendous upheaval in My church in this era. Modernism will no longer last. Parallels will take place that can hardly be surpassed. People will wake up, as I will send into their hearts a stream of true knowledge.

Some people will not be able to understand that they are suddenly being guided and directed. They do want to put their own will into action. But faith prevents them from doing so.

Everything will happen very quickly. I have prophesied to you, My beloved ones, that My intervention will be tremendous. My Son Jesus Christ, during His life and His sermons, spoke in parables to thousands of His followers.

Well, My beloved ones, also today I, the Heavenly Father, will make many signs appear as symbols so that people shall awaken from their deep sleep. They cannot continue to live as they have been, because the world, and also the church, is in complete chaos. The many believers are searching for the truth. But they do not find help anywhere they are looking for. They are enlightened by this authority in the wrong direction, namely in confusion.

It has now come to the point where Satanism has gained a foothold. Of course, Satan always goes one step further. Child abuse is inevitably followed by the still further grave sin of sacrificing the little children on Satan's meal table.

My beloved children, now you realize that the evil one is playing out his final triumph and wants to gain his victory. He has gone one step too far. I, the Heavenly Father, have given him the last chance to be able to seduce people.

Now the time has come when I will separate the righteous from Satan's emissaries.

My beloved children, come to My side and decide for the love of your Heavenly Father, because I want to save you all. I look out for every soul and ask for the opened hearts. I want a flood of knowledge to flow into the hearts.

Choose the true way, the way of the only and true faith, the faith of love.

This faith is not a faith of hatred or murder. This faith leads you to love your neighbor. "Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you." You will inherit the eternal kingdom in return, namely the Kingdom of Heaven. "Come, all of you, to My wedding feast, for at My table you shall experience the banquet of eternal joy."

My beloved father children, today you celebrate the Sunday of joy, the third Sunday of Advent. Rejoice and be glad on this day, for the Lord is near. You may enter into this rejoicing today, for I want to give you a day of joy to strengthen you. You have had to suffer so much, My beloved ones, that I, as Heavenly Father, want to give you this joy. What father is not pleased when He may give gifts to His children? I love you, My beloved children, let Me share in your joy.

And now for your worries, for these are also My worries. My beloved prophetess who willingly spreads My messages in the world because she wants to take all persecutions upon herself. She is ready to expose all the errors that are happening in today's modernist church. This does not mean that she herself brings these errors to light, but she gives herself for the truth and opposes all the abuses. She does not complain about the fact that her atonement suffering is now breaking out again, but endures it willingly.

My beloved ones, I need more atonement souls, for the sacrileges of the priests are a bottomless pit.

As you all know, My beloved ones, homosexuality and child abuse are on the increase and especially in the highest ranks of this church. How much suffering has this grave sin brought to your dearest and purest Heavenly Mother? This Mother begs for mercy at My throne for these offenses of the priests. She begs you, My beloved priest sons, turn back at last. Can you continue to endure these pleas? She surrounds you with all her motherly love. Can you still resist?

I urge you all to finally remove the meal tables from the churches and put the offering tables back. Celebrate the sacrificial meal as it has always been in tradition. Only then can My Son pour out the full graces upon you. I am waiting for your ready hearts, My beloved priest sons. I want to be with you so that you may become aware of your unique vocation.

The priesthood is not a profession, like any other, but a vocation. Become holy priests, for I have chosen you, you are My chosen ones. With you I want to build the New Church, since it has been destroyed beyond recognition.

Without prayer nothing is possible. If you think you can use your own power and strength, you will succeed only for a short time. The perseverance, patience, and also long-suffering can be achieved only when you surrender completely to Heaven's will and put aside your own will and desires. My beloved ones, I will impart inner peace to you if you go and walk in My footsteps.

You should appreciate the inner values of your true faith. It is not always easy to endure the many persecutions. You can only do so for the sake of Heaven. I give you the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. He will dwell in your hearts and no one can influence you if you walk safely on the true ways.

You will be persecuted, even from your own ranks. But bravely you will take up your cross and bear it patiently. "He who does not take his cross upon his shoulders is not worthy of Me." So says My Son Jesus Christ.

Saint John was the caller in the wilderness of that time. My beloved ones, now it is My prophetess appointed by Me who gives My words of repentance into the world currents in this most difficult time.

Pay attention to My words, for everything lies in the Divine Will. Always connect your daily life with the supernatural. This will pull you upward and you will get the necessary strength.

I have not promised you paradise on earth. The time on earth is a preparation for eternal life. There in heaven you will have the eternal joys. Focus your attention on the eternal joys and not on the earthly, for that is transitory.

My beloved, unfortunately, many believers will not listen to your voice. Then remain in the truth and face today's battle of faithlessness. You will win with the rosary in your hand and love in your hearts.

I desire that My voice be given to the majority. My vote is in the political party of AfD. I have chosen it because it will fight with the weapons of faith. I will guide and lead them and they will get the true knowledge. The Holy Spirit will speak from them. It is not they who will speak, but the Holy Spirit. You will feel it, My beloved ones, and you will hardly be able to grasp it.

The devil will not be able to continue to influence the laws of the previous government, because the persons of My predetermined party will announce the truth. I will give them the knowledge to be able to uncover everything and put it into practice.

Sometimes it goes by serpentine ways. But the result will be astonishing. It all comes down to perseverance.

The previous government wants to legalize the killing of young children in the womb. This is murder and a crime against helpless little babies. Every offense must be prosecuted. The facts speak for themselves. Do not be fearful but believing. Then I will realize Myself in you. My desire and My will will come alive in you and you will become My witnesses.

Last night I showed you a sign in the firmament so that the crescent of the moon was on your back and, moreover, the star of Bethlehem was visible. He shall show you the way of faith. It precedes you and points to the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Now what about the brotherhood of the Pius brothers? Are they walking in My footsteps? My beloved ones, I have prepared at the right time this new Superior General for his task of leading the fraternity in the spirit of the founder Marcel Lefebvre. He has entrusted himself to Me. I have given him the knowledge he needs to lead the fraternity safely in truth and love.

I need this brotherhood for the continuity of the True and Holy Catholic Church. It will courageously follow My steps and not oppose My directives. There has been a split in the meantime because not all are willing to celebrate the True Holy Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V from 1570.

Some are leaning toward the Petrine Brotherhood, which is partly Modernism. They do not completely fulfill My will, but only partially. They have made up their minds because this new Superior General has given them the alternative. Now, with the new Superior General, the fraternity can grow in solidity.

What about your diocese in Hildesheim? Will this newly appointed bishop comply with My wishes? I have also chosen him, for he, too, will become a new caller in the wilderness of this time. Persecution will come. But I alone will strengthen him in his realizations. He will submit to My will, for I have granted him special graces. Much will happen in his diocese in the future. My children, pray for him so that he may remain constant in his requirements. I will strengthen him, My beloved ones. Remain in prayer and do not slacken in atonement, for all the sacrileges that have happened so far in this diocese must be atoned for.

I will introduce My Father's children to My desires so that they will be prepared for My coming in all power and glory. People will fall down in awe and gratitude, My beloved children, for soon miracles will take place that cannot be explained. The chaos of the world will come to an end.

My beloved children, you are facing a third world war. All the powers have made their preparations for it. Do you want to wait until it breaks out? I have prophesied to you that it is five minutes to twelve.

Believe Me, My children, it is serious. Do not wait for something to happen, but take up the rosary, your only effective weapon. Then the impossible will become possible, because still your dearest Mother has achieved victory over Satan.

Stay united and be of one mind. Do not deviate one step from the truth. You will get the knowledge, for Heaven will guide you. You will feel it. Hold on until the end and do not become weak in your aspirations.

The evil one will try to ensnare you with his cunning. Be vigilant, I warn you of his inscrutable wiles. He can affect you in every person who does not align himself exactly according to My instructions. You will not find it out at once. Therefore, examine everything and only then act in My sense and truth.

Take the sacrament of penance. It is given to you, especially in this pre-Christmas season. It can bring you enlightenment. Remain in humility, because the evil one loves pride and tries to seduce you. Remain serene and calm. Keep worship, for it enlightens your spirit. Let not restlessness take precedence in your hearts.

One more week of reflection, then you will celebrate the great feast of the birth of My Son, the feast of Christmas. Look forward to this feast of love, for the graces are waiting for you. Bring also the graces of this day of joy into your heart. Let it overflow with the jubilation of this day.

I bless you with all the angels and saints, with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory in the Trinity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be ready at all times, for the time has come. Do not believe the false prophets who want to lead you away from the true path. You are the faithful who walk in the true footsteps.