Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, September 18, 2022

15th Sunday after Pentecost

Please read the message of August 28, 2016!


August 28, 2016 - fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V in the domestic church in G├Âttingen, through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, August 28, 2016, we celebrated the Holy Sacrificial Mass in true reverence according to Pius V in the domestic church in G├Âttingen.

The altar of sacrifice as well as the altar of Mary were decorated with abundant candles and flowers. Our Lady was again dressed all in white and held a blue rosary aloft to tell us, pray it, My children, for the time is hastening when Heavenly Father will intervene.

Heavenly Father, the Blessed Mother and also the infant Jesus blessed us during the Holy Sacrifice Mass. The angels moved in and out of the house church in G├Âttingen and grouped around the tabernacle and also around the altar of Mary.

Heavenly Father will speak today.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and at this moment, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only words that come from Me.

Beloved Father and Marian children, beloved little flock and followship and you pilgrims and believers from near and far. All of you have responded to My call today and take in these instructions that I will give you today. It will not be easy for you to go through the coming time.

I ask you, however, to forgive one another. Pay attention to your own mistakes, to your own works. One should be there for the other, one should carry the other's burden. The burden often seems too heavy for you. Then talk to each other so that you can walk this path in unity. Although you experience many things that do not go according to your wishes, have the confidence and hope that everything will happen as it is intended in the plan of the Heavenly Father.

Yes, the three dark days are inevitably coming upon you. The sun and the moon will be darkened and the stars will fall from the sky. This event will begin with a tremendous roar of thunder and strong thunderstorms with fiery lightning. Over the whole earth will come a strong storm with huge hailstones. People will be in great fear and will be running around in the streets. They will not know where to turn, for no one will be allowed to take them in. The shutters of the houses shall remain closed, for no one shall be taken in during this event. Moreover, a strong smell of sulfur will spread all over the earth.

But before this happens, people will experience the announced soul-searching, that is, they will see their own sins unrolled in fast-forward. Some will be shaken by their own guilt and some will drop dead because their guilt is too heavy. God's justice will come upon them. They will repent of having been the persecutors and would like to undo what cannot be undone.

You, My beloved children, are protected, and yet you are in fear. You ask yourselves, how will all this happen? The Heavenly Father knows everything. He knows your worries and He knows about everything that causes you great anxiety. But I, the Heavenly Father, want to help you. I want to be with you in this last time.

Therefore, be gentle with each other. Do not lose patience, because everything will happen that is foreseen in the plan of the Heavenly Father. It will not be easy for you to bear everything. But together you will grow stronger. You are a small flock with a followship that will continue to expand. The Muldans, they are also needed. I would like to thank all of you that you have remained faithful to your Heavenly Father until now, that you want to continue to persevere. Your will shall be directed according to the plan of the Heavenly Father, as it corresponds to His wishes. Everything takes place according to His wishes and not yours.

Difficulties will arise and you will think that you will not master them. But only with Divine power you will go on. The Divine power will never slacken, on the contrary, it will strengthen. Through your failures you will grow stronger.

But how shall it continue, My beloved ones? The will of the Heavenly Father is decisive. Miracles upon miracles will happen. People will not be able to explain it, because by human standards they cannot be fathomed. These miracles must happen, My beloved ones, as it was said in the Gospel. The Son of God Jesus Christ raised the young man of Naim from the dead to make this miracle happen.

True miracles will also happen around you. Believe Me, My beloved ones, it will happen. Even if you think that this modernist church is completely devastated. There is no way to make it rise again.

Am I not the Lord, the Creator of the entire universe and the Creator of all people and things? Can I not make miracles happen at all times?

Everything revealed in the Apocalypse of St. John will come to pass. These predicted things will happen. People think they can continue as they have been. They can continue to live in sin. They hear the prophecies of the false prophet and go along with his instructions. But they disregard My instructions. Furthermore, they can persecute My chosen ones and take away their honor, disregard them, even want to kill them. Above all, they want to kill their souls. Never shall the truth come to light. But it will happen, because the truth will be whistled by the sparrows from the rooftops.

Truth never dies out. Truth remains truth. There is only one truth and that is the Triune God in the true Catholic faith. Never will any other faith community be able to equal it. The Catholic faith is based on the revelation of Jesus Christ.

He, as High Priest, has chosen His appointed priests. He has left us all this testament of the Holy Sacrifice Mass, to be able to celebrate a Holy Sacrifice Mass daily in the true rite. This is the greatest gift for you, My beloved ones. Keep this gift in your heart. Let it expand and give you the strength to proclaim and witness the truth when it is appropriate.

Today, many people do not want to know the truth. Why, My beloved ones, because they would have to change, because they would have to turn their whole life upside down. They would have to give up their sinful life in order to live a life of humility and truth.

You cannot throw off the cross that My Son Jesus Christ carried. You all also carry a cross, and this cross often appears too heavy. But without this cross you will not enter eternal glory. You can experience this glory only if you willingly carry your cross in life, as the Heavenly Father has conceived it for each individual. Every cross looks different. You want to carry it with each other. You do not want to give up, on the contrary, you want to encourage yourselves to go forward. Your path is forward, never backward. Your dear Mother, Our Lady, looks at you when you pray many rosaries every day. So she is grateful and prays with you. The angels accompany you in prayer and they support you in every situation. Then, when you are in despair that the cross seems too heavy for you, your dear Mother comes and comforts you. Because She loves you, She wants to bring your worries before His throne to the Heavenly Father. He knows about everything because He is a loving Father. No father on earth can be like Him.

Heavenly Father wants only the very best for His children. You are chosen from many others who do not believe, who do not love and who do not worship. You believe and trust and give everything to Heavenly Father. You give yourselves to Him, because you know that only He can take your life into His hands. His will shall be done in heaven and on earth. This is how you pray in the "Our Father". Your will alone is not decisive. You do not know, My beloved ones, what is especially good for you, because the Heavenly Father knows the past, the present and the future. He observes and connects everything with each other. But you only look at a small part that seems important to you at the moment. Continue to do good works and do not disregard the other. Pray for your enemies and be obedient to your Heavenly Father.

Respect humility and remain in patience and serenity. Nothing will happen to you, nothing. I want to repeat this because you are My beloved ones. I embrace you daily because you prove to Me that you truly love Me. You pray, sacrifice and atone for many hours every day. Nothing is too much for you. Every day a true Holy Sacrifice Mass in the true rite.

How many graces flow over these lands and far beyond that you cannot fathom. Yes, My beloved ones, the altar of sacrifice is important. Soon the time will come when the modernist popular altars will be smashed. It can be symbolic, My beloved ones. I do not want to describe it to you exactly how it will look. It will happen according to My desire and plan. People will want to serve Me, the Heavenly Father, the Son of God in the Trinity, before the altar of sacrifice. There will be sacrificial priests at the altar again who will want to celebrate this sacrificial mass. They do not give up and give themselves completely to My Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Consecration. He gives Himself only to those who turn to Him in the Holy Mass of Sacrifice. He transforms Himself in their sanctified hands into His Holy Body and into His precious Blood. This blood will flow and continue to flow into many hearts.

If you were to take in just one droplet of this precious blood, you would have all of heaven within you.

He is the Giver, the Giving of Himself to you, My beloved. He embraces you because He loves you immensely. You, His beloved ones, and He the Heavenly Father, who never stops in His Divine love. He is eternity. Eternally you will be allowed to behold the glory one day, if you will continue this straight path, in the Divine power of course.

So now your Heavenly Father blesses you in all power and glory in the Trinity with all angels and saints, especially with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory and with your Rose Queen of Heroldsbach, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Keep faithful to Me and never give up. The hope remains. Amen.