Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Please read the message of July 17, 2016!


July 17, 2016 - Sunday. Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. The Heavenly Father, after the Holy Tridentine Sacrifice Mass according to Pius V, speaks through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The altar of sacrifice and also the altar of Mary were bathed in glistening golden light. The floral decorations were especially beautiful. Our Lady's white mantle was studded with small pearls and diamonds. The infant Jesus blessed us during the Holy Sacrifice Mass and St. Michael the Archangel kept all evil from us. The tabernacle with the angels was also bathed in golden light and Heavenly Father above the altar of sacrifice blessed us and gave us new strength.

Heavenly Father will speak today, the ninth Sunday after Pentecost.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and at this moment, to you, My beloved father children, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only words that come from Me.

My beloved father children, My beloved Marian children, My beloved little multitude, My beloved followship and pilgrims from near and far. You are all called to follow My directives.

How much I love My true, Catholic Church. My Son Jesus Christ weeps for this Church, which He Himself instituted with His Precious Blood and water from His side.

Is this not sad for you, My beloved ones, who want to continue on the true and difficult path? Heaven weeps and sees how the Catholic Church is being destroyed from the top and no one is putting a stop to it. So it is bitter for the members of the Church to be in this Church. You feel that this strength you had until now is fading from you. Confidence is also suffering. You come to Me with a begging heart. You look at the suffering of your dearest Mother, who intercedes for you daily at My throne, especially for the destroyed Church.

This church has been turned into a den of thieves. In these modernist churches you cannot find prayer. You do not know to whom you should pray, because they have removed everything holy.

Where am I with My fullness of grace, which I want to pour out on you in every Holy Sacrifice Mass? Where am I, the Heavenly Father, where am I, the Son of God, in whom you should believe? Do they still consult Me today? Do you still pour out your sorrow-laden heart to Me today? One should ask: "Heavenly Father, look upon this church that is facing total destruction. Give us the strength to persevere. We do not know how our path will continue if You do not give us this strength." -

"Sadly, we walk this path with You. We know that this path can only be continued in the whole truth."

But who witnesses this truth today?

If a priest lives and proclaims the truth, he is unapologetically separated from his community. He is excluded from the community, excluded from My covenant of love.

My beloved priest sons, look then at the cross of My beloved Son. Has He not also been persecuted? Yes, he was even stoned. He was despised and deprived of honor, and even crucified.

And how are you, My beloved ones, who want to continue on this path? It is exactly the same for you. If you did not receive this Divine power from Me, you would not be able to continue. In this powerlessness in which you live, the Divine power begins to unfold.

Believe that this path goes forward. You do not stop, My beloved ones, although it seems so to you. You think nothing is going forward, everything is going downward, and you remain in the darkness of this time.

You, My beloved ones, are to spread the light. You are the salt of the earth. The Heavenly Father will make the Church rise anew in all glory, although you see nothing. You think it is going backwards instead of forwards. And yet, somewhere there is a light that shines for you. It is the light of trust. This is My Son Jesus Christ, who, after a good Holy Confession, embraces you in His arms, who loves you and proves to you daily that you are His beloved children.

"When you are sad, come to Me and lament your sorrow." Thus He tells you.

But when you lament your sorrow to men, you allow yourselves to be dragged down even more. People are fallible and imperfect and are still moreover dependent on their changing moods. That is why you do not go forward, but backward.

I alone, the Heavenly Father, know the future.

It will continue. But, unfortunately, I must intervene. This intervention will begin quite tremendously. You have already received some knowledge from Me. How the preparations of the intervention will look exactly, I will show through some events. Unfortunately, people do not listen to My coming.

The darkness on some days, the weather conditions, the many disasters all over the world and the murders should wake people up. But they leave everything to chance and exclude Me. They say, "Where is the Heavenly Father, if there is one? Will he not put a stop to these people who are destroying the world and the church?"

My beloved ones, you should trust. When I, the Heavenly Father, will intervene, I alone determine. No one will know the exact time of the intervention. You, My beloved ones, are protected. You are under the protection of your dearest Blessed Mother. She will not leave you alone, although sometimes you think: "Where is heaven, where is the Blessed Mother? Does she not see my suffering? Can she not intervene, for she knows me? She is my dearest mother."

My beloved children, the Heavenly Mother is always with you. Otherwise, you would have to remain in darkness. She shows you that it continues. The light is the love of God that surrounds you. You often do not see this love. Everything that happens is determined by heaven. Heaven never punishes.

You should only recognize where the love of God becomes visible in your life. Heavenly Father tells us, "My dear child, here Heaven has intervened with you, here I have protected you, and here I have been present and shown you the right way."

Remain serene and calm, and the Holy Spirit will overflow you.

Even in abandonment I am present. Sometimes you have to experience such depths, My beloved child, to prove to Me that you are powerless without Me. Tell Me: "Dear Father, without Your help I am powerless. But with You the way always goes on, further forward. At Your hand I feel safe. Everything else is unimportant to me. The world says nothing to me, but the divine draws me upward, to You. I believe in You, in the Trinity, and I will witness, confess and live it. Everything will sometimes not go according to my wishes."

But Heaven knows exactly what will happen. Believe and trust. Just when you do not realize anything, Heaven will guide and direct you. It never pulls you down, but strengthens you and pulls you up, to the light of the Holy Spirit.

And even if it should look so dark in your life, the light will still shine in your hearts, because My Son Jesus Christ does dwell in your hearts. You receive him daily in Holy Communion. You receive the food of heaven. You have the certainty that He dwells in you.

But if you pledge yourselves to the world and put the worldly first, you will lose this Divine power. What happens in the world is often not good for you. It brings you suffering and discord. The divine must have priority, My beloved father children.

Do you not believe that I, the Heavenly Father, want to be everything for you? Do you not love Me at every moment? - Look at Me, at your dear Heavenly Father, at My tender eyes that look at you in every moment.

In a single moment of your contemplation, I will look at you with loving eyes. Believe in Me, believe with confidence in what is to come, for all will be well.

Still a little while, then everything will happen that is in My will. Then I will gather around Me those who accompanied Me in the most difficult time, who were around Me and testified to Me: "Yes, Father, my suffering is the suffering You have devised for Me. I will not have to endure more than You allow. Often I do not understand Your permission. Then give me the strength to say a free "yes" to Your will.

Yes, Father, You are the greatest in My life. You are the Triune, the mighty God, the All-knowing. You know my need and I may come to You in any situation. You understand me and I believe in Your omnipotence."

Love Me and prove to Me that you love the Divine in this most difficult time. Separate yourselves from everything worldly. Believe that this path continues. Forward goes your way, never backward. Do not look back.

Embrace each other in charity. Be good to each other. In this way you prove to Me that you are one in Me. The more you let love flow into you and practice charity, which leads to loving your enemies, you prove to Me that I am the greatest in your life.

Complain about your needs and come to Me, I will hear you. I want to know everything from you. I will remove all garbage from your hearts. If I am love in your hearts, then only good can flow into you. Evil must give way, My beloved ones.

If I, the Heavenly Father, assure you that I look at you in every moment, then I am the greatest in your life, to whom you look up, to whom you may have the greatest trust. I take you by the hand and guide you along the path you are to tread.

My children, never leave Me alone. Love Me at every moment and prove to Me that you have a deep trust in Heaven. Everything will be fine. If you trust deeply, everything in your life will change. Nothing will happen that Heaven has not foreseen. Believe in this, My beloved father children.

I bless you now in the Trinity, in full strength with all the angels and saints, especially with your dearest Mother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


You are loved from eternity. You are My disciples. Follow Me. In every situation, I am with you.