Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Please read the message of July 3, 2016!


July 03, 2016, Seventh Sunday after Pentecost. The Heavenly Father, after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V, speaks through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Holy Sacrificial Mass was celebrated today with all reverence in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V.

The altar of sacrifice was bathed in golden light. The altar of Mary was also wrapped in glistening and golden light. The floral decorations were especially beautiful. The dark red roses by Our Lady showed the love of her Immaculate Heart.

The Heavenly Father will speak today: I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and at this moment, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved father children, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. Today, on Sunday, I want to give you special instructions. The Gospel tells you everything. I, the Heavenly Father, show My chosen ones to the persecutors.

Can a good tree produce bad fruit, and can a bad tree produce good fruit? No, My beloved ones. It is not like that. You, My beloved ones, ask, "Where then are our good fruits?" You do not recognize them, My beloved ones.

Did you not recognize by the followship, did you not recognize by the growing followship, by the Holy Sacrifice Mass in the hollow and by the Rosary community, that the good fruits are growing and flourishing? The weeds have been removed. This, My followship, has taken everything upon itself. It stands firmly behind you and is not fickle; on the contrary, it will grow in numbers and in faith.

Be ready to continue to obey My will. I will protect you and show you that you can proclaim My words, and in the full truth.

All the troubles, all the illnesses, and all the problems you have endured, and you continue to say, "Yes, Father, as You will, so shall it be done."

Thank you, My beloved ones, for this answer.

If you want to continue on this path, you need My power. Only in Divine strength can you master this future. Remain confident and hopeful that I, the Heavenly Father, will settle everything shortly.

A complete confusion, a chaos, has crept into the Church of My Son Jesus Christ. Everything that should be in the reverence and truth of the Catholic faith has been trampled beyond recognition. No one can recognize the true Catholic faith, and no one will want to repent at the entreaties of a priest who unworthily celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for it is a communion of meals in which he finds himself. The laity still distribute Holy Communion in hand communion today. The sacraments are no longer administered reverently. The priests have committed themselves to Vatican II. They realize that everything is no longer true, but they do not change it.

My beloved priest sons do not have the courage to confess the truth. I have bought every single priest by the blood of My Son Jesus Christ. I have especially enabled him to obey My words and to carry the true priestly life to the world, to bring many people to conversion and to administer the sacraments worthily.

Above all, I have called them to celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Eucharist in full truth and reverence according to Pius V in the Tridentine Rite. They have not yet shown obedience to Me in this.

How sad all of heaven is because the priest sons have always withdrawn despite several exhortations. They have given their full "yes" to modernism. Thus, I open the door to evil.

They could not repent if I, the Heavenly Father, had not ordered so many souls of atonement. They enable them to choose. "Do I want to repent, do I want to follow the Heavenly Father, or do I tell him a full "no" in confusion and error ?

You can choose. But whoever does not fulfill the will of My Father, he shall not be My disciple and in him I am not either. He is doomed to destruction. He will continue to walk the path of evil and follow it.

The dearest Mother, as you all see, My beloved, looks longingly at her priest sons, and she wants to make them repent in spite of everything. She suffers among them as a Heavenly Mother can only suffer. She pleads day and night at My throne for the conversion of the priests, because she is the Mother of the priests.

She asks these priests to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart. In this way they will be saved. But if this does not happen, they will fall into the eternal fire, into the abyss. To sink eternally into the abyss is cruel for every priest. Therefore, My beloved ones, My Heavenly Mother will again and again call upon these priest sons to finally repent. May they finally convert to the truth and testify to this truth.

I continue to love them. I, the Heavenly Father, will wait for these priest sons until the last moment and I will again give them chances to repent. Their life shall be a priestly life forever. Let every priest testify to Me.

How sad I continue to be for every single priest I am fighting for. Every single person is an individual, a personality that I have endowed with extraordinary graces. Unfortunately, these graces are often not accepted, although I pour them out again in every Holy Sacrifice Mass. The streams of graces are My love. My love will never cease.

To each one I will ask again, "Are you now ready, My beloved priest, to fulfill this desire to follow Me, and to keep all My commandments?"

Do you not realize, My beloved ones, that this false prophet has erred in everything that testifies to the true Catholic faith? This false pope is completely in error and confusion. Why do you not now finally turn back?

My eyes are looking at you with longing. They are the eyes of love, beloved priests. Can you resist those eyes? I, the Heavenly Father, unfortunately have to intervene, although I do not want to. In a powerful and incomprehensible way, I will have to intervene. It is bitter for Me.

Darkness will appear all over the firmament. In this darkness, the Divine Cross will appear in full luminosity in the entire sky. People will fall down before the omnipotence of the Triune God and they will realize their sins. Many will repent of them because they cannot bear this guilt. Others, however, will perish in it because their guilt of sin is too great to stand before Me, the Heavenly Father. They do not believe in the Sacrament of Penance. They do not believe that I forgive them in every way when they come to Me, the Heavenly Father, burdened with their guilt of sin. I will always forgive them, because I will ask them: "Come My child into My arms. -

I love you and I will not hold anything against you, on the contrary, you are My prodigal son, whom I take on My shoulders and whom I will lead into the Kingdom of My Father."

Believe in this, My beloved ones, for I am the forgiving, loving Heavenly Father who will lead all His sheep to the green pastures. My Son Jesus Christ is the good shepherd. The Holy Spirit will enlighten you. If you desire to repent, He will bring you to knowledge.

Believe in My love and trust Me. Give yourselves completely to My will. Then you will be protected. Trust in the love of your Heavenly Mother. She will crush the serpent's head. She will do everything for you that is good for you. You will lack nothing if you consecrate yourselves to your Heavenly Mother's Immaculate Heart.

I now bless you in the Trinity with all the angels and saints, especially with your Heavenly Mother, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I immerse you in the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus Christ in the month of July.


Be ready and follow Me, the Heavenly Father, in totality.