Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, June 19, 2022

2nd Sunday after Pentecost, June 23, 2019


June 23, 2019, second Sunday after Pentecost. Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne at 12:10 pm and 5:10 pm.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, have special information for you today on the second Sunday after Pentecost. All the communications I am giving you today are of very special importance. You will not understand it at first and it will be strange to you. But believe Me, My beloved ones, it is the full and enormous truth that I want to convey to you.

Is it not so, My beloved ones, that you will not understand anything at first? Your mind will hardly be sufficient to process these truths.

But I, the Heavenly Father, must enlighten you. This, of course, would have been the task of all priests. But are these present-day priests of the modernist church still in the truth? Have you not once asked yourselves, where do I still find the true Catholic in these churches?

My beloved ones, the apostasy has progressed so far that no one can communicate to another how the Catholic faith differs from the other religions. No answer can be expected from the priests either. Everything is made equal today and the Catholic faith has already become one among many. It belongs to the one world religion.

Is this still the truth? Where is the outcry of the Catholics? Do they still stand up for their faith? No, they can't, because they haven't learned to talk about their faith. They simply don't talk about it anymore and this has become the norm.

If someone really dares to confess his faith publicly, he is immediately ostracized and called a sectarian. This stigma remains attached to him. He is mocked and ridiculed and even dragged before the courts because of his faith. They condemn him and do not know that they have condemned an innocent man, because the lie has become the truth.

Someone who publicly professes his faith today can lose his job and even his belongings, and he can even face death threats. The persecution of Christians is in full swing. Churches are destroyed and desecrated and priests are killed in them.

My children, many things do not come out as daylight because the media covers it up or deletes it from the Internet so that no one should know how things are with the Catholic Church and how far the persecution has already progressed.

My beloved father children, have I not already prophesied all this to you? Have I not advised you to consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of your dearest Heavenly Mother, so that you may invoke her protection? But believe Me, in spite of all apostasy and persecution, you are My faithful ones who have lived and witnessed the true Catholic faith. I thank you with all My heart that you have not fallen into modernism. You listened to My warnings and followed them despite the many difficulties you were offered. You did not give up. This was of great importance. You have united yourselves in the religious circles. They continue to give you the support you need.

What about the Catholic Church today? It has been completely destroyed beyond recognition. Everything that was sacred until now was gradually abolished and people did not even notice that the evil one was at work there quite violently. The influence of the evil one became more and more tremendous.

Look at the meal table or the people's altar! Does it really still resemble a previous sacrificial altar? No, certainly not, for it has been disfigured or removed altogether. The sacred was simply taken away from the Catholic Christians. Then, slowly, the seven sacraments were abolished, without the people being able to revolt and notice it. It was made palatable to the people and they were lied to.

What about Holy Communion? It can be distributed to everyone today. Everyone can receive it, whether Catholic or of other faiths, whether divorced or remarried. Yes, no distinction is made. There a church law is issued and the faithful have to obey.

My beloved father children, you see what the modernist and ecumenical faith has done in our church and you do not rebel. It is very convenient to conform to the world. Why change when there is no general outcry among the faithful? You go on living as if everything has its order.

Where has the holiest thing gone? Where can you still get your daily strength today?

My children, the church has already split, one part prefers modernism and the other part prefers tradition. The modernist church is no longer a Catholic church because it has embraced Protestantism. Moreover, it is so slowly approaching schism.

Look at the meal table! It is the meal table of the Protestants. It is a satanic table where one can take the meal but in no way receive reverent communion. One receives the bread at this meal table standing and as a HAND COMMUNION.

There is no longer a Holy Sacrifice Mass, but only a meal communion and therefore this does not testify to the Catholic faith but is entirely Protestant.

Also, the communicant receives only a piece of bread, but in no case a consecrated host. Surely all Catholic believers should have noticed this by now. But they have let themselves be infected by modernism without realizing that they have already said goodbye to the Catholic faith.

My beloved children, now I would like to advise all priests to finally remove the meal tables from their modernist churches. They are an abomination to the Savior. He is highly offended by them. Have the priests also ever thought of the Savior when they stand at a meal table and hold a meal fellowship? One has turned his back on the Savior and spoken the words of consecration to the people. Thus one has denied the Catholic faith. Thus, it is no longer necessary to convert to Protestantism, but one has already become Protestant. One has deceived the Catholic people through the Second Vatican Council.

Where do we go from here? The decline of faith has occurred as never before and it cannot be turned back. The people have fallen into a complete crisis of faith without them having the say.

How should we proceed now, My beloved father children? I, your Heavenly Father, want to save everyone and send no one to eternal damnation. To be thrown eternally into the hellish abysses is too cruel. Hell is eternal, but heaven is also eternal. How will you decide, My beloved ones?

My beloved father children, it is not for nothing that I appointed some prophets who had visions of hell and also transmitted them to the believers so that the world would believe. They are My true prophets whom I have chosen and who have also said a ready "yes" with their consent.

My beloved ones, the lot of a prophet in this day and age is very difficult. They have a great task to fulfill and many sacrifices to make. However, they are ready to sacrifice everything for it. They do not slacken in their deeds and are subjected to many persecutions and abuses. I have chosen all of them myself and they have been tested by Me for years.

My beloved sons of priests, what about your promise of consecration? You have vowed to your bishop to show obedience to him. But what about when the bishop is not in the truth? Do you have to keep your consecration promise even then? No, you must ask your own conscience. If you cannot answer for what you have promised, decide according to your conscience.

As you know, this church crisis is a crisis of the clergy. They have failed, because when heresies are spread and legalized, you are obliged to step in to steer the little ship of the church back on the right track.

You, My priests, see that a complete chaos has occurred everywhere. No one knows how to bring it back on track. It has completely drifted apart and no one knows what the further missionary work could be. Each one blames the other. But nothing changes.

My Son Jesus Christ alone founded His Church and gave this legacy to all, that He will always be with you in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, with divinity and humanity. He wants to be among you and He alone knows the sorrows and needs of each person. He alone can change everything. He is the Savior of all mankind. Only people have forgotten Him. They turn to other religions and think that this is a safe solution. Unfortunately, they fall deeper and deeper into the chaos without getting out themselves.

My beloved ones, there is really only one Holy Sacrifice Meal in the Tridentine Rite, which My Son instituted and which is still valid today. You priests must return to this tradition. Then you will be on the right path and the faithful entrusted to you will receive the graces that flow in the Holy Sacrificial Meal. They will not go away empty-handed in the meal communions as they did before.

Then the Catholic Church will regain its true status. The churches will fill up and apostasy will come to an end.

Throw the meal tables out of your modernist churches and celebrate the Holy Supper again at a sacrificial altar. This will make you satisfied and happy. The number of churchgoers will double very quickly and the Tridentine Sacrificial Mass will spread rapidly. There is no other way for you, My beloved sons of priests.

You must start again from point zero. All the grave guilt committed after the Second Vatican Council must be deeply repented of and also atoned for. It has caused a lot of mischief in the Catholic Church. One grave sin after another has come out of it and Satan has celebrated one triumph after another. He extends his claws only to the Catholic Church, for only it holds the whole truth.

Why do you allow yourselves to be influenced by other religions? You serve idols and never your Savior, the Lord and Master of all things. He alone, Jesus Christ, can make you happy again.

Help, My father children, and rebuild Germany. It is never too late. Every day for a long time you have been praying the many psalms and litanies for the salvation of your fatherland. This, too, brings forth abundant fruit.

Hold on a little longer. Satan's time is running out quite soon. He is really on his last legs. This should give you the incentive to persevere with all consequences. I will stand by you and your dearest Heavenly Mother will support you and also protect you from evil.

I bless you with all the angels and saints, especially with your Heavenly Mother and Queen of Victory and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Be brave and persevere. I am with you all the days and never leave you alone. Prepare yourselves for My coming. The time is not long, for the portents of My coming can already be seen.