Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, December 19, 2021

My beloved children, your redemption is approaching. The great event is coming upon all of you. My intervention will take place at a time when no one can guess it.


Heavenly Father wishes us to read the message of the 4th Sunday of Advent 2018.

To all a blessed 4th Advent and happy reading!

December 23, 2018. fourth Sunday of Advent. The Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter, Anne, at 12:20 p.m. and 7:35 p.m.

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father speak now and at this moment, through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved followers and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. I love you all, especially on this coming feast, the birth of My Son, Jesus Christ. How much I look forward to this feast, for it brings salvation to all of you. I, the Father in Heaven offer you the redemption of My Son in the Trinity.

My beloved children, your redemption is approaching. The great event is coming upon all of you. My intervention will take place at a time when no one can guess it.

No messenger will be able to predict it. If anyone announces it to you, do not believe it. Satan's cunning is great and there are also false prophets. I want to warn you against these.

My beloved ones, you will foresee many signs and I will announce them to you. My faithful and beloved believers, I will not leave you alone in ignorance.

I want to save you all, for division is inevitably coming upon you. I will divide My faithful from the wicked. This is now very close to your door.

My beloved ones, it will not be easy for you to take upon yourselves this persecution of Christians, for it is coming from your own ranks, it is not happening only through Islam. It will affect you especially. But take this persecution as a cross on your shoulders. In you, the Son of God is being persecuted. But the word of God will be revealed. Do not develop fears, because special graces will be given to you, to those who fulfill the will of the Heavenly Father.

Of yourselves you could not bear this persecution. I need My faithful so that the light of God may be shone out into the dark world.

My beloved little one, you have felt that your eyesight is diminishing more and more. It is in accordance with the truth. You will be operated on quite soon and it will be crowned with success. But before that, I desire that you willingly endure this darkness for this humanity without God. You will receive special graces. Therefore, do not be fearful but believing.

I need you especially as a witness of faith. In you and through you, miracles of grace and conversion will happen. Continue to place yourself entirely at My disposal. You will be supported by your dearest Heavenly Mother. You will continue to be able to receive and write the messages with your eyesight.

My beloved children, yesterday you went on a "search for shelter". I thank you for following My plan and will. The Mother of My Son, the Mother of God, was also rejected by everyone before the birth, the birth of the Son of God. He was born in a poor and cold manger.

Therefore, it was not easy for You, My beloved son of a priest, to go in search of shelter to this residential home for mentally ill people in order to present a sum of money and Christmas gifts. You fulfilled My wish and had to experience this rejection, My rejection. You were turned out because the Son of God is rejected at this great feast in this day and age. So you also had to be rejected.

My beloved priest son, they are worldly people. You cannot understand this. That was an experience you should endure for My sake.

It was My desire and will to lead you to this dormitory. Everything is destiny and Divine providence. Bear it willingly, for persecution has begun. You will feel it. People will reject and persecute you for the sake of My name, because the persecution of Christians has also begun among you.

In order to be able to bear all this, you need the graces of the Christ Child in the manger. Be aware of these graces at every moment and sing cradle songs to this Divine Child.

My children, take part in the little Child in the manger, the little Child, the Child of God. How many people today reject this True and Catholic Faith? A complete faithlessness, an eclipse, has fallen upon all humanity.

My beloved children, have you not deduced the weather conditions to the Heavenly Forces? After all, it is unusual for all of you to have almost summer temperatures for Christmas. The meteorologists cannot predict this weather because I, the Creator of the Universe, guide everything in My wise hand.

My dear children, do you not feel that I have the scepter in My hand and not the people are the doers? Connect everything with the supernatural, then you will not have to worry. You will not understand many things, that I, the Heavenly Father, will direct everything differently than you can ever conceive.

My beloved believers, you are all experiencing chaos throughout the world, in nature, science, politics, and especially in the Catholic Church. Yet no one will remember that I am the Creator of all humankind and direct everything according to My plans, the divine plans.

Godlessness and apostasy have increased so rapidly. They cannot be absorbed as mankind pledges to evil. Me, the omnipotent and omniscient God, people reject and make gods according to their liking. Almost all of them live according to the worldly desires.

You feel, My beloved and faithful, that the worldly people reject Me in you. You are not welcome anywhere. You are even called sectarians. My children, even I, as God-man, have been equated with the devil, as has been said: "With Beelzebub He casts out the devil." You walk in My footsteps and so you will also have to experience the same.

Be grateful when you are persecuted and humiliated. Then walk in My footsteps and follow Me. When these people who do not want to believe accuse you of everything bad, remain calm and quiet, for the truth, as we know, has many enemies. You will be persecuted, just as I was persecuted.

The truth must not come to light among the worldly people.

Please be vigilant, for Satan is offering up his last power to dissuade many more from the truth and to draw them to his side. He is the father of lies. Stay alert and do not deviate one step from My wishes. I always give you the exact information and will not leave you in the dark. Therefore, do not be worried.

Yes, My beloved ones, you are now living in a paganism that rejects the Divinity. It is the Antichrist who surrounds you and wants to confuse you. The Freemasons and Satanists are at work and have already bought and confused many people.

As you have noticed, these people are being brainwashed to be useful for their schemes. This is an obvious sign, a devil's work, to which they are then exposed. Look at the migration pact, it is devil's work and must be punished.

Whoever makes himself available to these machinations is lost for eternity.

My beloved Priest sons, wake up at last, for it is the very last time that I warn you, warn you of eternal damnation. I want to save you, because I go after every lost sheep and I love every person with an infinite patience, a Divine patience that you cannot grasp.

This Christmas I will touch many hearts that are receptive to My messages, because there are many conversions thanks to your many and continuous prayers.

Hereby I would also like to thank all the followers and all the faithful for observing daily the hours of adoration with the many prescribed psalms and the additional prayers of the day. You were there to comfort Me in this difficult time. I will now separate the wicked from the righteous. You, My beloved ones, will then be allowed to receive the reward of heaven.

Hold out a little longer, for My time is not your time. I will come at a time when no one expects it.

My intervention will panic the unbelievers, for it will be cruel. Look into the predictions of My messengers and messengers. They are like the caller in the desert. This earth has become a desert and the houses of worship have become dens of robbers.

The altars of sacrifice have been cleared away and meal tables have taken their place. Satan has intervened there. Just look at what these meal tables are used for, it goes as far as blasphemy. People are already dancing on these meal tables and Satan is enjoying his triumph. Satan, in fact, has taken possession of these unworthy altars.

My beloved children, just as goodness and wisdom tend toward goodness and draw you upward, so also the persons who give a hand to evil are drawn further and further into atrocities. Evil knows no bounds, for Satan is insatiable.

My beloved children in faith, look forward to tomorrow's Christmas Eve. I thank you for decorating everything festively for this day. Celebrate this feast in your circle, for I will give you abundant gifts. Look at the little child Jesus in the manger, he touches your hearts and he wants to be caressed by you. He is waiting for your love in this loveless and godless time.

I thank you for this time of preparation of Holy Confession and Holy Advent. You have prepared yourselves for the Savior and have not forgotten the most important thing every day, despite your many jobs and appointments. Every day you prayed the Rosary. For this, all of heaven thanks you. You are loved and through you miracles of grace and love will happen and people will look at you in amazement because it is unfathomable.

I give you the preview that in the coming three days you will receive My messages, because in these days My beloved daughter will also place herself entirely at My disposal. Look forward to these special graces and receive them gratefully.

Be blessed with all the angels and saints, especially from your dearest Heavenly Mother and Queen of Victory and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be especially blessed, for you will reap the reward of Heaven. Hold on a little longer. I am with you all the days and you will never be left alone.