Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Unfortunately, My beloved ones, I have to give you this information today, because My intervention is about to take place


Heavenly Father wishes us to read again the message of the last Sunday after Pentecost, November 26, 2017, because it is of great importance!

November 26, 2017, last Sunday after Pentecost. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

We celebrated today, November 26, 2017, a reverent Holy Sacrifice Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. The altar of sacrifice and also the altar of Mary were bathed in glistening golden light. The many flowers with which the altars were decorated reflected the love, reverence and beauty of heaven. They were simply sacrificial altars. If many people saw the altars in the supernatural, they would be able to separate themselves from worldly ideas and desires.

Heavenly Father will speak today:

I, the Heavenly Father, speak today, on this last Sunday after Pentecost, through My willing, obedient, and humble instrument and daughter Anne, to you, My beloved little multitude, and to you, My beloved pilgrims and faithful. All of you are meant that I am the Mighty, Powerful and Merciful Great God in the Trinity who will come and appear to all of you. I will teach you the omnipotence. The omnipotence is far greater than you can ever dream of. It surpasses everything in supernatural beauty, in the beauty of heaven.

Unfortunately, My beloved ones, I must give you this information today because My intervention is about to take place.

Very reluctantly I am giving you this information, because many priests have not been converted until now. They live in the world and according to the desires of the world. They do not look at My omnipotence, but at their own life, as it pleases them, that is how they want to shape it. But the plan of Heaven is different. Without suffering, My beloved ones, there is no repentance. Unfortunately, I have to pour out My wrath on many people who rebel against My will.

They do not consider it necessary to love, worship and adore Me, the Triune God. They despise Me.

Many visionaries I have sent to the earth to realize that I am the Mighty and Triune God. These visionaries can only proclaim the truth, and this truth is rejected by most people today. If a visionary professes and testifies to the truth, he is deprived of honor and stripped of all his offices. He is even despised and persecuted.

My visionaries are on My side. They proclaim Me completely. They sacrifice their own lives. In their soul there is only the truth and to spread this truth throughout the world. They take everything upon themselves. Many illnesses, many difficulties they suffer. And these tribulations they suffer for the sake of heaven. They accept the contempt for the sake of the truth.

My beloved, do you still not recognize My truth?

Living My truth is sweet, because then you realize the great loving God lives in your hearts and He governs you completely. He leads and guides you into truth and love. Love is decisive for you.

If you do not live this love, true love, you are out of balance. You cannot serve Me, the Triune God. You must learn to renounce everything, everything that is dear to you, even the family, if it keeps you from the true faith. You must separate yourselves from your relatives when it comes to the truth.

If you cannot live the truth, you must separate from your closest relatives, including your children. Often the children do not live in the truth. Then it will be difficult for you to have to separate. But this I demand of you, even if it involves great suffering.

Love for your Triune God must come first. You must worship, praise and adore Me in the Trinity, even when I also cause great suffering to come upon you. This suffering then serves for your own salvation. You often cannot understand this. When great suffering and sickness come upon you, you must realize that it is an allowance of the Triune God.

Much suffering will come upon all mankind, for My intervention is close at hand. What will it be like in many souls then? They must repent, even in the authorities. The bishops must realize that they must repent even before My intervention happens. They must repent of their offenses wholeheartedly and cannot invoke the atonement of the visionaries. These, My visionaries, My chosen ones, I have called so that many may realize, I am the truth and the life. Whoever aligns himself with Me will be saved. He lives true love and lives according to the truth. He can lay down his own life for his friends. He practices the love of enemies. This is the hardest thing for you, My beloved ones.

When I tell you, love your enemies, love those who hate you and do evil to you. Pray for them and do not despise them. Remember, I also want to save them from eternal damnation. And this is the hardest thing for you. When people hate you and take away your honor, you should think of the eternal life of these enemies and pray for them.

Yes, My beloved ones, this is the truth. I am counting on you, for you are My friends. You shall one day be allowed to gaze upon My glory in My eternal dwellings. I have chosen you and you shall spread this truth throughout the world and testify to it. This will be difficult for you. But My love reigns in your hearts. This love makes it wide for the truth. You shall live in constancy, not only once, but always you shall witness and love Me.

I bless you now with all the angels and saints, in the Trinity, in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

The love of God is everlasting, and on this love you shall build, Amen.