Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Third Sunday after Whitsun.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His willing obedient and humble tool and daughter Anne into the computer at 11:30 and 17:30.


In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved small flock, beloved followers and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. I would like to give you some important instructions and information today as well.

How important it is for you all to persevere in the lion's den. You cannot understand with what great cunning the wicked man proceeds. Remain a little more patient, because unfortunately I cannot explain to you how I will implement the rescue act. There is so much to it that you will not understand how My Plan will be put together. Believe that I will reveal everything in the smallest detail at a time when you do not expect it at all.

My beloved children, you can only trust in my omnipotence. It is a game of dice for you, which you cannot see through. But the more inexplicable everything appears to you, the more you are at the truth. .

You are My faithful ones whom I will reward abundantly. How can you think that I have left you alone. I am always with you in every situation. You cannot imagine how much I love you. My heart beats full of love only for you. I have constantly connected My loving caring heart with your heart. It only beats for you and you cannot imagine that. My love is connected with your love and this at all times when you cannot imagine it.

I would now like to strengthen you a little for the coming time. You need this strength. It will be so that you will often think that I am no longer near you. You no longer feel me. It is a tragedy for you, although you can feel on the safest side. I will never leave you. You, always remain My beloved ones who have persevered. I want to prove my love to you. But it is not possible in this time of crisis that you recognize this love. You just have to trust more deeply. I expect that from you.

You are sometimes in the lion's den and you don't even notice it. There you will not feel peace. You are like a cue ball, but always on the safe side.

Think of the sending forth of the world and you will certainly fulfill it. This is exactly what the evil one wants to prevent. .

My Mellatz is quite safe for you and you may believe that it will always be the house of the Father. This time of uncertainty will pass for you. Afterwards peace and joy will return to your heart and you will rejoice. Your joy will be so great that you cannot understand it yourself. In the meantime, strengthen each other, because you need that. The time of tribulation will pass quickly and give way to joy.

My beloved children, since my love is so boundless, I will be able to free you from all that worries you. But I wish that you accept your cross, which is intended for you, in gratitude. Even if it seems too heavy for you, take it as it is. You will overcome the inconsistencies of this last time. I, the loving Father, would still like to save many souls from eternal death. .

That is why I will delay this last stage of my intervention. You will not understand much of what is contained in My plan. You are My children and I will pull you firmly to Me.

There are many lost sheep, which I will still follow today. Some of them I cannot save. But others will be ready to take the hard way. Many enlightenments will precede until they are ready to endure this time of crisis.

My beloved children, isn't it inexplicable to you that this mask duty should be a privilege for all? Only mischief can happen as a result.

You My children must realize that this is not the truth, you legalize a law even though you know that it will be a disaster for many people. Serious diseases are therefore coming to you.

A second corona virus is approaching. This one will be heavier than the first one. An even bigger epidemic will come over mankind. People will try to fight this virus. But it will be useless, because it spreads with great intensity and speed. No drug will be found.

Then My beloved children will be required to be vaccinated. If you want to go on living without faith, you are certainly not protected. You will succumb to the vaccination requirement.

But if you pray, I, the loving Father, will be with you. You will follow the protected path and reach your destination safely. But my beloved children, this struggle will be arduous and even cruel. Always remember that I am the ruler of the whole world. No one can escape my rule.

I am the loving and caring Father who loves all mankind inexpressibly. Everyone who promises loyalty to me will be allowed to enter the safe haven. Therefore pray my beloved children and be vigilant because the roaring lion will want to devour everything that does not correspond to the true faith, especially at this time. I love all who serve me and renounce mammon. Convert also still in the last moment so that I can pull you onto the safe side.

The sacrament of Penance is the surest remedy. Pray the rosary daily and sacrifice everything for those who have not yet wanted to believe .

I will save many who are still reflecting at the last moment. I bless you now with all the angels and saints, especially with your dearest Heavenly Mother and Queen of Victory and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remember My beloved ones it is the last stage and you will pass it if you trust Me and hold on to the truth. I love you unspeakably and would like to take you into my arms very soon.