Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Second Sunday after Whitsun.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His willing obedient and humble tool and daughter Anne at 12:00 and 18:00 into the computer.


In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and today through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

My beloved little flock, My beloved followers and My beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. Today I would like to give you some important information for the coming time, because it is urgent for all of you.

Unfortunately, even today my priests are not able to refrain from modernism. They continue to stand at the popular altars and hold the meal fellowship of the Protestants. They do not even notice that they live the erroneous belief and also testify to it.

The whole world is in chaos and nobody knows how to fix the errors. They announce chaos and the people continue to demand the truth. The search for the truth is inevitable.

The whole world is upside down .

My beloved Catholic Christians, how far are you from the true faith? Live love and do not stray.

Your heart belongs to Me, the Triune God and not to the unspirit.

How long have I been waiting for My priests whom I have called In many messages I have pointed out that the true Catholic faith must be revived. People are infected by the virus of the soul and they cannot free themselves from it. Only prayer and faith in the true trinity can be liberation.

How much longer, My beloved Christians, must I still wait for this redemption? When do these My beloved priests celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast in the Tridentine Rite? Why do they refuse to live and witness the truth? .

Look at the sky, my beloved ones. For heaven weeps bitter tears for the many souls that go astray. I, the heavenly Father, cannot save them; the priests refuse to announce the truth, they are ashamed of me. .

How I long for My priestly sons whom I have called. They listen to the word of their bishop who proclaims heresies.

Today you are celebrating the second Sunday after Pentecost and the Holy Spirit wants to enter into the ready hearts. But He does not find them.

What about the previous Corpus Christi feast? Why did the priests let themselves be deprived of this most holy feast? In this corona crisis you have not put faith first, but have listened to the laws of the state. Why were the masks put on during this procession in Poland? My children, do you not feel that this does not fit the true faith at all?

If the faith is not deep and firm, unbelief can occur and you don't even notice it. The evil one works in people and confuses them.

How many more instructions must I, the Heavenly Father, give so that people wake up and deviate from the erroneous belief. It is a delusion that has come.

People are leaving the church in rows because they cannot find a foothold there. The priests are not willing to make sacrifices and celebrate the true sacrificial meal.

As long as the Second Vatican Council is proclaimed, order cannot be restored in the Catholic Church. .

Time has run out, My beloved children. I, the Heavenly Father, will have to intervene quite powerfully. The firmament will change and shake up the souls. They live in fear and have no one to turn to who will stand by them during this time.

A time of bottomless fear has come and no one will be willing to help the other. People take the "two meter distance" seriously and do not feel the madness that is being faked for them. They live unworldly lives and even undergo brainwashing.

My beloved children, do you still not feel that they want to rob you of your freedom? This freedom is yours. They must not be robbed from you. Do you continue to watch how they rob you of this freedom? They want to take away your clear mind.

My beloved children, how do you want to evangelize today? How will you confess your faith today? Will they listen to you? Will you be respected and honored if you live the true faith? No, certainly not. You will continue to be despised and ridiculed.

The catholic church has come down so far that it is no longer recognizable. One lives the faith of the general public. Sin no longer exists and the sacraments have been abolished. Faith has struck so catastrophically that nobody talks about it anymore. Additionally you wear a mask, because you prevent any contact with it. The two meter distance between each other is already law.

Why do you not finally wake up My Catholic Christians? Where is your conscience? Or do you still numb it today with alcohol, drugs or medicines? It simply must not beat. For the healthy, true faith must not be spread, and common sense must not be allowed to take effect. You push your conscience aside and don't give it a second thought. One lets oneself be carried away by the general current of time. No one asks the other, is that still true? No, the loss of faith goes on into infinity. .

My beloved children, you are in this chaos and no one can free you from it. What do you say to the church closures, My beloved children? Did you not expect the priests to rebel against these laws? No, all the priests have retreated to their homes and closed the doors of their hearts in fear. No priest is a pastor today! Today's priests are not concerned about the salvation of the souls of the faithful. They live there as if the world were in order. .

My beloved children, do you still believe that heaven will not intervene? I, the Heavenly Father, will intervene, and I will do so with great power. No one will know when this will happen. But before this happens I will draw my loyal ones to my side and reward them because of their perseverance. Then a split will occur between the Modernist and the Traditional Church. The churches of modernism will be empty, while the churches of tradition will fill more and more. One will feel the holiness that is lived in these churches, a holiness that has never existed before.

Men will again be there for one another and peace and joy will return among men.  A gratitude never known before will occur .

My beloved children, rejoice in this time of the Church and finally decide for the truth. The love of Jesus Christ will surround you and you will never be alone. Rejoice my beloved ones because the time is near.

It blesses you now with all angels and saints and your beloved Mother and Queen from the victory of your Rose Queen of Heroldsbach the Triune God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be brave my beloved and hold out till the end. Amen. .