Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trinity Sunday.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His willing obedient and humble tool and daughter Anne into the computer at 11:35 and 18:00.


In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and in this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little flock, beloved followers and beloved pilgrims from near and far. I, the Heavenly Father, am giving you again today some important information that is important for your future life.

You are my faithful and I will split you off from the hirelings who want your previous life on the head places. They hate you because you walk the way of truth and this way has many enemies. Pay attention to your acquaintances who want to complicate your life. They are often not to be seen through. Cunningly, they want to ensnare you and you may even think that they want to help you. Do not believe them, because they want to lead you away from the truth. There are people everywhere who are not to be seen through. Separate yourselves from them and look at your previous life. They envy you your constant and orderly life. You are many steps ahead of them and they do not want to go along with you on the arduous path. .

My beloved ones, today you have celebrated Trinity Sunday and the patron saint's day in Mellatz. If you have honored the Trinity Church in this house church in Göttingen, you also honored the house chapel in Mellatz. They are connected with each other. As I have mentioned, the New Church begins from there. You cannot believe this because it is not fathomable for you. Be patient and calm, for everything will be given to you at the right moment. You will then remember these words, what happened in that moment. Wait patiently until I will make it known to you.

My beloved, you believe in the triune God. All other religions have only one God and he is not triune. The triune God, God the Father.

God the Son of God and God the Holy Spirit, this true faith is different from all other religions, because it is the origin of all religions. There is only one Catholic and Apostolic faith and you should all hold on to it, because it alone corresponds to the only truth.

However, unfortunately, the people still stray. They are looking for the easier way and they do not want to give up their previous life. You, My beloved ones, are the persecuted. All bad things are said after you. But you have the special protection and you are envied. Don't be afraid, be believers.

I will save you under the protection of the dear Heavenly Mother, so that you can enjoy your security. Let yourselves continue to be led and guided. You are on the right path, even when tribulation and illness afflict you. There is only a short time left and I will redeem you.

Unfortunately, during my step-white intervention I will have to level whole stretches of land to the ground, because people are in grave debt and are not willing to change their lives. At the same time I will have to rapture the faithful who live on this continent, because otherwise all would be thrown into the eternal fire. I would like to separate the good from the bad.

You, My faithful are destined for the new evangelization and you will fulfill this mission with joy and gratitude. It will still take a long time until the earth has cleaned itself.

As you can see, most of the churches have been closed in this Corona period. That is My will, for this modernism must come to an end. The church exits have really reached the record and nobody of the authorities will ask if something should be changed. They continue to live in the belief that everything is true  .

It is a mockery how one devastates the Catholic Church and still believes that one may act arbitrarily. This is exactly how it is in politics. One takes the right of freedom from the citizens. One takes from them all life that is due to them and that is human. You narrow them down and one restriction after the other follows. Unfortunately, however, people do not offer unity, but still act against each other. They are driven into a panic by this virus. People are deprived of all freedom through arbitrary laws. No one dares to rise up against this madness. You simply bear it and stop thinking about your own freedom. You let them take them and you don't protest against them. What could happen to you if you stood up for the truth? Man follows his habit and he lets himself be ordered without thinking about being deprived of his freedom more and more.

My beloved children do not let this freedom be taken away from you. You must work for it, because this freedom is your good right, which must not be taken away from you. You can no longer be silent and continue as if nothing had happened. Stand up to these laws and seek your followers. There are really people who do not want to live like this and do not want to be led by the current of time, but do not want to let this feeling of freedom be taken away. They begin to fight and unite. They develop a fighting spirit and this is the right way, which I want to prepare in you. Do not let up, my beloved ones, I am with you after all, what can happen to you? Have I ever left you alone? you are My beloved ones and My faithful ones who also have the special protection of Our Lady; .

In the Trinity you are united and that is your strength. How much I love you when you take the way of the cross at my side and do not slacken in your will to sacrifice. My will is holy to you and you announce this again and again. I thank you for this love that you show me.

What is the situation now in this corona crisis? This crisis has so far been declared a Cold War.

Why do you not finally use your minds My beloved children? What does the mask duty mean to you? Have you thought about why you take this measure without objections? These masks are the biggest virus-slingers. It is exactly this mask that causes the corona crisis. You breathe in the bad air you exhaled and you do not take action against this measure. Why do you accept this without resistance, you are forced to be silent. The many diseases of the lungs will soon become obvious through this measure .

One does not understand that these forced measures change people. This deprivation of freedom will be a measure without end. From the Covid-19 the Covid-20 will soon emerge.

The ability to think is reduced in every human being. One avoids any contact by the 2m distance measure. Quite soon the human being will no longer be able to communicate. Any contact is interrupted and even forbidden. It is a conspiracy theory without end.

These epidemic measures have never existed before. Serious mental illness and many suicide attempts follow. One wants to limit the freedom of every human being and make him unable to live. The death rate is increasing immeasurably and this is exactly what we want to achieve. The elderly people should be minimized and the young people should be made dependent. My beloved children, is this a future motto of every human being? I, the Heavenly Father, watch how every person is considered worthless. One can manipulate him and make him useful for his purposes. .

The time has come where My intervention in this chaos will start, and in a very different way than you might expect. Earthquakes and floods will come in large numbers. Men will no longer have a will of their own but I the ruler of all things and of all men will make the earth new. Whoever listens to my voice and fulfills my will will be saved. But he who does not repel the attacks of evil will fall into eternal damnation.

My beloved ones and My faithful ones, pay attention to My exact information so that you may continue to experience My protection. Believe in My faithfulness and let yourselves be guided and guided by your beloved Heavenly Father. Once again I want to emphasize that I will establish My New Church in all glory. You will fall down in awe and you will experience this time in peace and joy. Those who hold on to the true faith will be allowed to experience the New Era in gratitude and peace.

I will have to order many atonement souls who will atone for the great suffering and the grave crimes. They will endure severe diseases and tribulations to save the world. .

A completely different time will follow, which I cannot explain and fathom to you now. Everything will be different than you can imagine. Peace will be able to return to the family. People will be there for each other and saints will also come out of these families. There will be holy priests and holy families. On this time My beloved ones rejoice and be confident. Do not let this hopelessness take hold of you and wait until the New Era will begin.

For today My beloved ones I bless you with all angels and saints with your beloved Mother and Queen from the victory of the Rose Queen of Heroldbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be ready for my procedure. Your loving Father takes you firmly by the hand and guides you safely through these confused times.