Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday of Mercy.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His willing obedient and humble tool and daughter Anne into the computer at 5:30 pm.


In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and today, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little flock, beloved followers and beloved believers from near and far. You have celebrated the holy hour, the hour of mercy in all reverence. One hour before the holy of holies is worth gold. You have received special graces on this day. I have promised this to you because you are my beloved and faithful, on whom I can rely on. I thank you for the loyalty you have shown me in this time of crisis. What comfort you have given me.

What does this time mean now, in which many people have lost their direction. One instructs them from all sides and one takes away their independence and does not consider the consequences.

In this corona period a complete chaos has occurred. Many people are inferior to this delusion and they no longer go public without mouth protection. Most people follow the instructions given to them by mistake. They are no longer able to form their own judgement. A conspiracy theory has been imposed on them. They are not able to use their clear mind. They swim along and let themselves be taught what they are told, in the opinion that that is what everyone does and that it must be right.

Unfortunately no one asks himself, how far does this unconditional obedience lead and how far is man manipulable? Due to the panic fear of this virus, man has got into a situation where man is controllable and cannot use his own mind. The panic has made him ill .

My beloved children, come all to My loving heart, I alone really know about all your worries and will never leave you alone Why don't you believe Me? .

Have you been told the truth so far? Why have the churches been closed? Why do the authorities not appear and fight for your rights? .

My beloved ones, you are following a delusion. You no longer notice that a web of lies is spread around you. You yourselves cannot find your way out of this chaos by your own efforts. Where did you get real help so far? Nowhere will you find them.

Why do you still not grasp the straw that I have been throwing you for a long time? Have I not given you a Mother, a Heavenly Mother? She is the best Mother and She alone understands you. Consecrate yourselves to Her Immaculate Heart. Then nothing can happen to you and peace will return to your wounded heart. .

You are deprived of the freedom and security you need for your life. Wake up, My believers, I want to wake you up. you have forgotten that I am the Ruler of the whole universe and no one can direct the destinies of the world, for I remain the Creator of the whole world.

You have fallen into an antichrist and nobody of my shepherds is willing to impart the true faith to you.

My shepherds have become powerless, because they are not willing to resort to a real sacrificial life. They categorically reject everything that contains the true Catholic faith. One can say that they are ashamed of their faith. They have retreated and lead an unstable life and accumulate more and more guilt. These grave sins must all be atoned for. The burden of sin weighs so heavily on her shoulders that it becomes unbearable. They find no way to turn back, because nobody wants to step out of line. Everybody does it and somehow it will go on. They have lost the guidance, because they are led astray by the Supreme Shepherd and do not even feel it.

My beloved children, how much I love you, because My longing for you is growing day by day.

Unfortunately this lack of faith has taken on incredible dimensions. That is why there has been persecution of Christians. They destroy and defile the churches, they slander and mock the true believers. The true Catholic faith is no longer recognizable, for it has become one among many. The most important commandments have been forgotten and one lives there as if it did not even exist.

Why do you not believe me that I am the ruler over life and death? .

Why is euthanasia still in the foreground today? No one can decide about his own death without committing a serious crime. They are acts of desperation because men are in search of God and nobody of my shepherds is able to help these men in their trouble. You leave them alone and that is the most convenient way, because education requires constant help, which these people need.

Is there really one for the other today? No, you have forgotten how to do it. The variety has grown so much that one cannot allow time for the other. One converses digitally and loses the opportunity to establish a relationship with the other.

Why don't you use technology for good? Do not let evil guide you. You are taught the wrong thing and you let yourselves be directed. Haven't you realized that this virus can also contain something good?

I, the loving father, want there to be true families again and man to find his happiness .

If man is not led by faith, he falls out of the norm, he will fall boundlessly into evil, if he does not feel that a conversion is urgently needed.

As you see, the lack of faith has progressed so far that man does not know how to turn back. He has fallen into a hopelessness and hopelessness that he can no longer help himself. The darkness around him is so strong that he cannot see the lights of true faith. .

My beloved little one, now you continue to wear the darkness of your right eye, as it is My desire. You no longer even ask for liberation of this suffering, because you know the burden of sin, which the Redeemer Jesus Christ bears for all mankind. My Son Jesus Christ died for all men, and He wants to redeem all men even today. If all men were ready to repent then the virus could not spread any further. .

Do you not feel that the spiral draws ever wider circles? Do not be guided by evil because Satan is on the prowl for souls and he wants to draw many more into the abyss.

My beloved Christians, you are called to raise your voice. Each of you should be ready to fight for truth today, for you are in the very last battle between good and evil. Make up your minds at last, because the time is ripe. Do not wait so long until the other one wants to show you the way. This way could be the wrong way, and you are straying further and further into perdition. Convert and turn back! Let yourself be helped and decide for the truth.

I will uncover all that is still in the dark. You will not be left alone because I will make wisdom known to you when you confess the truth. It will not be easy to go into the lion's den. Only when you take my hand will you walk on the right path. It will not be easy to assert yourselves against a non-believing horde. Ask for the Holy Spirit, for He will teach you everything I have told you in the book of truth, in the Bible. When you take this book again, true enlightenment will come into your hearts. .

I am the way, the truth and the life; he who believes in me will not come to shame. Nothing will ever be too hard for you because I am with you all days of your life. Without the true faith you will not overcome this time of crisis of the coronavirus. .

Ask yourself again and again whether what you are told to do is compatible with your faith. Then you cannot go wrong and you remain patient and calm. Only peace can bring it. Use your intellect and do not let your maturity be taken away. You are an independent person who has to fulfill his own task in life. Every person is valuable and one must not take away his independence. Make a commitment to it and I will be with you.

Love will be the decisive factor, because it will drive you forward. Give yourselves completely over to my guidance, because nothing can happen to you. You and your dearest Heavenly Mother will crush the head of the serpent. So be vigilant, because Satan wants to seize all those whom he can devour also in this last time. So stay alert.

I bless you now with all angels and saints, especially with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

True love urges action. First prove to me that you really love me, then I will settle down among you, because my love is boundless. .