Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

St. Joseph the worker.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His willing obedient and humble tool and daughter Anne into the computer at 12.05pm.


In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and today through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little flock, beloved followers and beloved pilgrims and faithful, today we all want to venerate the dear Blessed Mother, because from today we are in the special month of May. We want to sing many songs to our dearest mother for her devotion, because she well deserves it. .

It is a beautiful time, this flowering month of May. Everything is green and blossoming and nature comes back to life.

We all want to delight our hearts and remember the wonderful times of our childhood. Every evening a May devotional service was held in honor of the dear Blessed Mother. We like to take ourselves back to this wonderful time and from today on we want to hold a daily May devotion. We are happy about the many earlier Marian songs.

My beloved, St. Joseph, whom we venerate today, should help us again to found good holy families from which holy priests will emerge. It has to be different again, because the sense of family has been lost.

The head of the family, the father, must regain his status and authority in the family. The mother then forms the heart of the family and ensures order and cleanliness. Both are no longer given in today's world. Also the mother must again take care of the education of her children. This is also no longer the case today, because children go to the day care center at a very early age and the relationship with their mother is lost.

Especially all families lack the relationship to the Heavenly Atmosphere. The children do not get any connection to prayer and the loving God is completely excluded. They also do not speak about it any more. Thus the lack of faith is pre-programmed  .

Very quickly relationship difficulties arise and the divorce is planned. The children are thrown out of their domestic nest and they do not get any attachment to their parents at a young age. They are torn out and grow up without support.

Let us therefore ask St. Joseph to help us, that exemplary families may exist again and that he may help us in this as intercessor in heaven .

Above all, we also need holy sacrificial priests who could come out of these families when exemplary families are again available.

We will have a hard time. Heaven will intervene and it will be seen that another time is approaching. There will come a time that will be very different from what we can imagine.

Since faith has sunk to zero, it will not be long before the true intervention takes place.

Then, when people feel secure that peace has come everywhere, this intervention will take place.

My beloved ones, prepare for this time with a good and valid Holy Confession. Turn back and repent of your sins, so that you may not be like the virgins who had not filled their lamps with oil. The Lord will come when we do not expect it. He will appear in great power and glory and will astonish all men. .

But woe betide those people with whom he appears unexpectedly, who are not prepared. Then the Lord and Savior will have to say, "Go away from me, for I do not know you. These people will have a bad fate, because the doors of heaven will then remain closed. They did not choose the messages of heaven, but reached out their hand to the devil.

My beloved ones, the time of the second coming is fulfilled. The time of faithlessness is over, because the division of the Catholic faith is imminent. The laws of unbelief have no end. The mockery and contempt of the true faith continues to increase.

It cannot be grasped any more, My children, how My Son, the Son of God, is cut out of the memory of men. There is no longer any substance where I, the Heavenly Father, can rebuild the true faith. A loss of faith has arisen that the world has never seen before.

A true Catholic today must be ashamed of what people still invent everything in order to advance the lack of faith. Always new ideas are invented to bring Antichrist into the foreground. The hypocrisy and the grave sin has no end and everything is considered normal in the present time. Sin is presented as truth and nobody knows that there is still life after that. The world offers so much variety that nobody can find prayer and reflection. The rosary is completely forgotten. It is presented as old-fashioned and it belongs to the past.

How much mankind has adapted to the world. I, the Heavenly Father, am no longer present. I was put aside, so to speak, and I am no longer mentioned. I no longer belong to the life of a person.

How much mankind has sunk. One can hardly believe how quickly people have changed. They no longer feel that what is most important to them, faith, is missing. They perceive the worldly but the supernatural has vanished from their memory.

I beseech you, beloved children, return to tradition to the true Catholic faith, and do not be distracted. The time is near when heaven will open and separate the good from the bad. If you are not prepared, you belong to those whom Satan holds in his claws.

But what about my father's house in Allgäu? You, My beloved father children, have not been there for almost four years. However, it was regularly kept in order. At the moment I have selected for you Purifiers who also additionally maintain the prayer and the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite in My House Chapel. They go to this feast in procession praying the rosary around the house, because they appreciate My house. I am grateful to them and want to treat you with my love.

Yes, My beloved Father's children, there really are still believers today who are willing to spread the true Catholic faith. They are not afraid, but are brave and faithful. Although they are not in the majority. But I am thankful for every individual who spreads My Teaching. It is really 5 minutes to twelve o'clock, which I have said several times before.

But people do not want to listen. Now this great catastrophe will come to everyone. It cannot be prevented. Men close the truth before their eyes and have become blind.

You, my beloved father children, awaken and do not let up, even if men despise you. You will be the victors, for you have all heaven on your side. The many angels will be on your side and the dear Mother of God will protect you. In this way you will be safe and you will not develop fear, but you will go forward courageously. I will protect you in every situation. You are on the right side, the heavenly side. Who else could harm you? .

I am with you every day and never let you out of My sight, for you are My brave fighters. Satan will have no joy in you because you are my father's children, the fighters who never let themselves be disturbed.

My children, you see that the struggle is coming to an end. Hang on a little longer, because the end is in sight. Do not slacken, for the time is ripe.

Many want to refute you the truth. But in you the Holy Spirit is at work, giving you the right words at the right time. Therefore do not put anything in order. Everything comes differently than you dream of. You as brave fighters will be rewarded by me.

All people will be amazed at you, because the supernatural puts people in great astonishment. You cannot be disproved. It all corresponds to the truth.

Remain in my love and surrender yourselves completely to my will, then you are ready to survive the last fight.

There will be a riot, for the wicked will be divided by the righteous. Those who hated you must be amazed at you. They cannot believe that you have been persecuted and despised, although it was clear who would win the victory.

The remaining herd will be found in modernism. But they will act against themselves, because they will not understand each other. The hatred among themselves will not let them rest.

My beloved father children, come to My side and rejoice in the life that then lies before you. You will remain in inner happiness while the other side will envy you.

I love you and you will be of one mind. You will be inspired in the love that drives you to spread the Word of God.

I bless you with all angels and saints, with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory and Queen of Roses of Heroldsbach in the Trinity in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blessed are you faithful. You will be treated with Divine Love. Rejoice all the days of your life.