Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday in the Christmas Octave.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V in the house church in Göttingen through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today, again, conspicuous hordes of angels had moved into this holy house church in Göttingen. They worshipped the Blessed Sacrament kneeling and floating. The tabernacle was surrounded by angels, especially the altar of Mary. Today we celebrate the Christmas Octave.

The Heavenly Father says: I, the Heavenly Father, will speak again today to you, My beloved children, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne. She is completely in My will and speaks only words that come from Me, which she repeats.

My beloved father children, My beloved little flock, My beloved followers and you, My believers who adore the Blessed Sacrament of My Son today still. I come to you this Sunday through My Son, the little Jesus whom you worship in the manger. See how it precedes you in humility, because already in this manger it has frozen and taken over the sufferings of mankind. You, My beloved ones, kneel down before this holiness.

My beloved ones, you too are kneeling before My holy cross in Heroldsbach with Me, for I am in you and you are in Me. You believe and you have testified that you believe by accepting not only the joys of heaven, but also, in love, the sufferings. You have all placed yourselves under the cross, under this cross of grace, and have not refused My graces, but have accepted them.

And now, My beloved ones, this priest, who was and is My priest, has pronounced this house prohibition to enter this place of grace in Heroldsbach once more.

You three, My beloved little flock, have willingly accepted this cross. It was told to you yesterday and you gratefully placed it in the manger of My Son, the little Jesus. You have again willingly placed yourselves under the cross and said that if this little Jesus did not find shelter then, the Savior today will also feel this refusal throughout the world. He is not accepted today either, He is not received, but cast out of His own Church, in His own place of grace, which has become the place of grace of His Mother, because there the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother and Queen of Victory, and also the Queen of Roses, as she is venerated there, appeared. The angels worshipped the holy of holies. They followed the dear Blessed Mother. The little children there watched the baby Jesus. They looked at the dearest Blessed Mother in all glory and were rejected there because it was fantasy.

And today, My beloved ones, what does it look like today in this place of grace Heroldsbach? I am still rejected in My dearest Jesus who appeared there and who even wept tears of love there. It was locked up in a cupboard so that it should not cry anymore, My beloved ones. Can you understand that? Can you really understand and accept this?

And now, My beloved ones, I made My Mother there weep in visible tears and many of the pilgrims saw these tears and My little one even tasted them, because they were tears of the dearest Mother of God whom you, My beloved followers still venerate today. And what has been done to this dearest Blessed Mother in the pilgrim home? They have been taken out because it was in their way, because this mysticism must not be acknowledged. It is forbidden from the highest level.

She is not the most holy Virgin Mary, no, she lived among you people and was not recognized. She was cast out even though she carried the Son of God in her womb. She was not given an inn to bring the child Jesus, the Savior, to the world. It had to happen in a stable, My beloved ones. I want to draw your attention to this great humility because the Son of Man has preceded all in love and especially in humility. He made himself small before the dearest great Heavenly Father in the Trinity, before Me, My beloved ones.

I love you so much because you persevered and stood firm under the cross. You knew that you had to accept the cross. There were many of you who spoke the 'Yes Father' willingly and humbly: "Yes Father, everything that comes to me I gladly accept from Your hands.

And it became Christmas and the child Jesus is now also with you in the manger. It stretches out its little arms to you, because it wants to embrace you, because you have comforted it. Today you also comfort Me, the Heavenly Father, because I have sacrificed My Son. I have sent Him into the world to redeem you all.

I have chosen My priests and sent them also into the world. I wanted to cut them off from the lusts of the world so that they would become true sacrificial priests. And they did not say yes to the victim. They became world priests and took off their consecration robe. They said no to all the victims. Again and again I admonished them to accept the victims and to celebrate a Holy Mass of Sacrifice in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V, because this Holy Mass of Sacrifice has already been canonized, that is, it must not be changed. Nothing must be changed, and they were changed very quickly. People have been deceived and led astray in modernism, and even today these priests who disobey Me continue to lead these faithful astray, especially My Holy Father whom I have chosen.

He did not confess My faith and did not testify to it before those of other faiths. No, he even went into this mosque, My beloved ones. Can this be true? Can it be true when a Holy Father, whom I have chosen, kisses the Koran? Can this still correspond to the truth, because with it he rejects the Bible and says, "This Koran is holy. Believe in him." That is what he expressed with this. He thus also rejects the Bible at the same time, for one cannot serve two masters, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity and Allah, the idolatrous God. And furthermore he accepted all religions and invited them to a jubilee celebration.

Was that right, My beloved? My beloved followers, you must still follow him today, or do you follow Me, the Triune God, the Heavenly Father, who loves you all and who wants to draw you to Himself through your cross. You are loved from eternity and you carry the cross, the cross that was imposed on you and even today on this Sunday, in the octave of Christmas, you say the willing 'Yes Father' that I like to hear again and again. With this you bear witness to your unique, true, Catholic and Apostolic faith.

Why do so many still reject this faith today, My beloved ones? Because it is uncomfortable. This other way is simple and easy. I can do anything I like. Sin after sin accumulates, but sin was no longer seen as sin, but as truth. I may do it, I may enjoy everything. I am allowed to love the world. I may adhere to it and I may also reject the Heavenly Father in the Trinity in His Son Jesus Christ, who renews the sacrifice again and again on the altar of sacrifice through His sacrificial priest. He cannot use the other priests because they do not love Him and do not want to participate in this Holy Sacrifice.

Look at the sacrificial priests. They walk the path of sanctity. They love Me in the Trinity and testify to it again and again. So you too are to become witnesses of faith. Strong you shall fight against the demons. They will continue to surround and encircle you. Satan's cunning is increasing, but I, the Heavenly Father, will push them all down into the abyss through My dearest Mother and My children of Mary. Many priests who do not say yes even at the last moment are thrown into this abyss, into hell. This means the fire of eternity, while the others, like my children, who are in truth, will be taken into eternal glory. They take part in the eternal wedding feast and wear the white dress they have put on, repenting of their guilt over and over again and atoning and suffering for the others, who continue to reject them, who mock and despise them, who mock them and even ban them from the house at the place of my dearest mother, in Heroldsbach. What a great offence against the Trinity. What great sacrilege. This must be atoned for, my beloved little flock. Will you atone for this transgression, because I love all My priests until the last breath and will see you in My glory?

Continue to atone, pray and sacrifice, because your prayer will be fruitful. Hold out until the end, even with your suffering. You are afflicted with the cross and suffering, but you are enveloped by the love of your Heavenly Father in the Trinity and are loved by Him from eternity.

Let the Child Jesus in the manger give you abundant graces during the Christmas season, because you need them to carry the cross.

In love I want to say farewell to you and to greet you today and bless you in love, fidelity, patience and humility with the dearest Jesus in the manger, the dearest Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God the Bearer of God, Saint Joseph and all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I love your cross, because with this cross you confess Me, the Heavenly Father, because I sent My Son into the world to make Him suffer for all mankind to redeem them all. Thank you for your cross, to which you say yes. Amen.