Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Heart-Marie-Apunishment-Saturday and Cenacle.

The Mother of God speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V in the house church in Göttingen through Her instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass many saints appeared again. I saw the four evangelists clearly. They brought themselves in through their movements. Again and again they pointed with their index finger to the Holy Scriptures. The tabernacle was brightly lit with the tabernacle angels worshipping in a hover. The altar of sacrifice and the altar of the Virgin Mary shone in a glistening light. The altar of Mary was even more illuminated during the Fraternita, but also during Adoration and the Rosary. The Rosa Mystica, present here in the house church, shone with its bouquet of roses of love in red, white and yellow.

Today Our Lady will say: I, your Heavenly Mother, am speaking at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in the will of the Heavenly Father and repeats the words that do not come from her. These words she is given and repeats - today through Me, your dearest Mother, because today is your Cenacle and you have entered this Cenacle, the Pentecost Hall, and adore with Me, your dearest Mother.

My beloved children, the time of My Son Jesus Christ is drawing nearer and nearer. I make you docile, docile to the suffering that must come upon you. You must suffer much during this time. As you have heard in the Fraternita, the time of Calvary of My Son has come. The suffering will increase. Through this you are atoning, My beloved children.

"Is atonement necessary in this time?" you ask yourselves. Yes! Especially today, when your Chief Shepherd has strayed and is already teaching misbelief. He entered the mosque several times, and he taught the interreligious faith in Assisi. Everywhere this faith is possible to live, and the Catholic faith was betrayed and sold. The time of globalism has come. The church is seen globally in all countries. Whether it is Islam or Buddhism or any other religious community, everywhere there you should find and be taught something of the Catholic faith. Can it be, my beloved ones? Can you ever give up the Holy Church of My Son Jesus Christ, which He Himself founded? No, My beloved children of Mary, you cannot, because I, your mother, guide, direct and form you. You have transferred your will to the Heavenly Father. What does that mean? Do you still apply your own will? No! The Heavenly Father will guide you. He speaks to you through many messages.

My beloved little flock, My beloved believers, My beloved pilgrims and My beloved followers, you believe in these My holy messages and you will walk this way, the way of truth. Of course the suffering is included. Without suffering there is no salvation possible. You shall also be saved in your souls. You have experienced many things in your lives and you have been humbled, but the time of My Son has now come. On, My beloved children! Be brave and courageous and continue to follow the path of fighting evil!

Satan has long since seized his power. But he will lose this power. That is why he still gathers many followers in all religious communities that obey him, even in the Catholic Church. There are already many among the bishops, because they no longer believe in dogmas and they no longer believe in the Triune God. They also reject me already as mother of the church. They go their own way, the wrong way. They have already robbed the Supreme Shepherd of his infallibility. The Supreme Shepherd, your Holy Father, can no longer proclaim ex cathedra He lives in modernism and leads it in all communities. Everything is seen modern. The tradition has been lost. It is a lie that My beloved priests live the true faith. They spread untruth and misbelief.

Will you follow My way, My beloved children, this special and difficult way, because I, as Mother of the Church, will be allowed to lead this way. I continue to form you because I love you and want to deliver you as personalities to the Heavenly Father. You are to grow and mature and proclaim the truth and remain in the truth, even when many things are done to you, especially when you are persecuted, humiliated and your name is trampled on. You, My beloved ones, are nothing in the eyes of others, but in the eyes of your Heavenly Father you are everything. You are valuable personalities and you should be able to ...

I did not hear, dear Blessed Mother.

Our Lady continues: ... you shall become my Son in the love of Jesus Christ. Personalities whom I may form and who spread love everywhere, especially the love of truth.

You will have to endure many things. Especially you, My little one, will still have to suffer if the priests are not willing to give up this mistaken belief and celebrate the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Feast in truth according to Pius V.

Up to now there are very few priests, they are exceptions who celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in truth, but in their catacombs, not publicly, that is, they do not go to the public, but remain hidden. They will never say: "I celebrate the sacrificial banquet according to Pius V in the Tridentine rite. No! They know that they will then be dismissed by the authorities as priests. You must go. And just this I demand of these priests, that they should give up everything, everything, even their own will, by making total devotion and leaving behind everything that is dear and valuable to them. To love only My Son Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, that is their way. They must never stray and enforce their own will. They remain nothing, but are the most valuable thing in the eyes of My Son Jesus Christ in His New Church, which He has already founded. He himself is still waiting for the foundation of the priesthood.

It is not so far yet, My beloved little one. I have not yet told you that your suffering is over. But should a community follow this path in between, you will no longer have to endure the suffering, because you know, My Son Jesus Christ, suffers this priesthood anew in you, in your heart. It is he himself who suffers. And you go along with this ordeal. And he is bitter for you. It goes beyond your boundaries. You will be able to walk it, but you will also weep and lament, because you are human and in human affairs you are still seducible. The wicked one will come and want to turn you away from this path of truth. But you will not succumb to him. You will have the knowledge between good and evil. And you, My little band, go along this most difficult way to Golgotha up to the top. There you will experience the New Church in the great glory and glory. And this is what you are waiting for and this is what you are being prepared for.

What is the situation of the Schoenstatt Movement now? I would like to mention her today because she has taken the wrong path and because, unfortunately, she lives in misbelief. Does the Schoenstatt Movement today still expect that its founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, can be beatified and canonized by this Supreme Shepherd whom they venerate and whom they praise in all tones because of his example? Is this possible, My beloved ones? Can My Schoenstatt Movement, which My beloved priestly son and founder of the Schoenstatt Movement began, can this path lead astray? Yes, if the truth is not lived, this way goes astray.

You, My beloved Schoenstatt children, you recognize it. But even the leading forces of the Schoenstatt Movement do not recognize it. They think they can continue to pray for the beatification and canonization. This process of canonization has been going on for 37 years now. But he will not go one step further. It has been stagnating for a long time. You receive these words, My beloved Schoenstatt Movement, from heaven, from your founder, Father Joseph Kentenich.

He himself says: "I was forced at that time, in 1968, to celebrate the meal communion in this new church, the Trinity Church. But I did not celebrate them. Silently in My heart I prayed the Tridentine Holy Mass of Sacrifice. After that the Heavenly Father took me to heaven, and there I already live in holiness. In holiness are those who live in truth. They will follow this path, this My path that I have gone before all the Schoenstatters. Many have already walked the path of holiness and live with me in the glory, where I may live. But, My beloved children, there from heaven I can work more and do more for you. You, My little one, were rejected when I, your Father Kentenich, spoke. I was not allowed to speak. I have been abandoned and left alone and lonely. It was no longer believed that I could continue to form my Schoenstatt children through the Blessed Mother. And you, my children, have been released. You, My beloved Catherine and you My beloved Anne were able to go because you walked the path of holiness. However, I, your beloved Founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, have previously made this promise to you that you will continue to walk the Schoenstatt Way, but in truth. You soon realized that you would be separated from the Schoenstatt Movement. But these people, these priests, fathers and sisters, who have hurt you very much, will now have to experience the most severe suffering. They will endure and accept it."

If not, then I will have to say to them, I, the Heavenly Father: I do not know you! You have taken the wrong path and have abandoned Me, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity, as well as My dearest Mother, who is venerated there in the Schoenstatt Movement as Mother Thrice Admirable. I am to gain victory there, but not so, my beloved ones. This is not possible.

The 100th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Movement is now just around the corner. In the year 2014 it is so far. The Father current must go deep and Schoenstatt must continue to grow in depth. It has grown into the vastness, but not into the depth. And this is what I demand of all those who belong to Schoenstatt, who, for example, have made the member consecration and closed the Marian Garden. Have you, the branches of the men's community, already closed the Mariengarten? No! You are still in error. I call upon you: Walk the true path, otherwise the Schoenstatt Movement will not grow and certainly not the canonization of Father Kentenich will not progress.

I love you all, beloved children, beloved children of Mary. Today I am also present as Rosa Mystica, you who worship Me, you who love Me and you who do not give up on Me. I love you boundlessly and continue to be the Mother of the Church and your dearest Mama, who will guide and guide you, who will never let you go, even in the most difficult times of tribulation.

And now I want to bless you with all the angels and saints. You should continue to be the Schoenstatt children. This is what Father Kentenich tells you from heaven. You will trample the head with Me the serpent. Remember, My children. Soon it is so far. The second coming is announced.

I love you and take you in My motherly arms and will be there for you at all times, especially in times of distress. Thus I bless you in the Trinity, in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praise and blessed be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar without end. Amen.