Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seventh Sunday after Whitsun.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the House Chapel in the House of Glory in Mellatz through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass, enormous crowds of angels moved into this house chapel. They grouped themselves around the tabernacle and adored the Blessed Sacrament. The Mother of God was brightly illuminated, as were all the saintly figures, especially the Immaculate Mother and Queen of Victory and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach. The statue of Christ was especially enlightened.

The Heavenly Father will speak: I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and in this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is wholly in My Will and speaks only words that come from Me.

Beloved faithful, beloved pilgrims from near and far, beloved followers and beloved little crowd, today, the seventh Sunday after Pentecost, I would like to give you some information that is important for all of you.

In the future, I wish that the faithful will no longer follow this Holy Father, who lies in modernism. He is addicted to heresy, he is an antichrist and the greatest modernist.

How can you, My beloved Pius-Brothers, above all you, beloved Superior General, still want to conduct this dialogue today? Can you enter into a dialogue with a modernist church, as you keep calling it? A modernist is subject to the devil. Yes, that is so, My beloved Pius brothers. Stay away from this pope who still holds the regency today. But one day, and this will be very soon, he will no longer be in office. I wish that he resigns from his office, because he has done too much mischief with this My Church in modernism after Vatican II, which he would like to have recognized by the Pius brothers even today.

And you, My beloved Pius brothers, will you follow him? Do you not recognize the falsehood and the misbelief that he spreads through religious freedom and Assisi? Did he not sell and betray my church? Is that not in My Messages? You do not recognize them, my beloved Pius-Brothers, and therefore you do not know the truth. You reject my messengers although I have sent them to spread my messages.

I have appointed My messenger Anne myself and I have encouraged her to endure these many atonement sufferings for years for the priests and for the faithful who do not want to repent. She especially atoned for the priests, because there is hardly a priest who recognizes Me, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity, who adores the Blessed Sacrament, who believes in transubstantiation. No, they no longer believe that I can transform myself in the hands of My sons of priests. And I do not do it through these modernist priests either, because they do not believe, because they do not worship me, and because they do not praise, extol, and thank me for this great mystery.

The sons of priests of the Pius Fraternity also spread a part of the misbelief, because they really continue to say that the messages of these messengers you must burn, beloved believers or tear them up, and these messengers we must drive out of our chapels, also the priests who celebrate the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Feast after Pius V, although your founder Marcel Lefebvre celebrated the Holy Sacrificial Feast only after Pius V. You should also do this, because you must remain faithful to the foundation, and you are not. You continue to spread the word that your Founder celebrated the Holy Sacrificial Feast even after the Holy Father, John XXIII. That does not correspond to my truth. Therefore your holy sacrificial masses are invalid. I do not wish you, My beloved followers, to take part in these sacrificial masses.

You have purchased this (a href="" target="_blank")DVD and you can celebrate in your home the Holy Sacrificial Mass according to this DVD. You are protected in your homes, but not in these parishes and modernist churches. There the evil one reigns in the tabernacle. Unfortunately I had to take out my son Jesus Christ. And this I have revealed because the priests, through their many sacrileges, disfigure the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Moreover, they celebrate the meal fellowship at popular altars towards the people and not towards My Son Jesus Christ.

Believe in My truth, My beloved. I will announce it again and again through My messenger Anne, because she bears the greatest suffering of atonement through My Divine Power. She would have succumbed to this suffering for a long time, because it is far beyond her powers. But I strengthen them again and again with my Divine Power.

She will continue to make atonement, especially for this Holy Father. She will pray a lot for him to repent and save his own soul. Today he is no longer created for this high office, although I appointed him in conclave, but he did not follow my wishes and my plan. He has completely succumbed to the Freemasons and is in their chains. He obeys the will of the Freemasons and I, the Heavenly Father, wait eagerly for his soul that needs conversion. But he still does not believe. The spread of misbelief and disbelief is progressing with giant strides.

I wish sons of priests who advance in holiness and celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. There is no other sacrificial meal that corresponds to this truth. And yet many priests today celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass after Pius V underground. I do not wish that, My beloved ones. You shall confess to this holy sacrificial meal. You should not think about your supply. You will be cared for by Me and for your old age you will be secured by your Heavenly Father, who loves you above all things. You are to follow the Divinity and feel Divine Power within you. Let your hearts be pervaded by My deep Divine Love.

And now to my house of glory. I have chosen this house for Me and for My little flock, who follow My will completely. From here I have founded the New Church and everything will happen from here. The full truth is lived here and all can follow this truth. In the messages that my little one announces through the Internet it is clearly stated that only from here the truth is spread, the whole truth through sacrifice and atonement and through the Holy Sacrificial Feast. Something is still missing in other Tridentine Holy Sacrificial Masses. There is still a part of modernism in it, for they reject my messengers and continue to reject them. They do not feel it, for they themselves want to seize their power and want to be the greatest with the Holy Father.

You, My Pius-Brothers, are still waiting for your recognition by the Holy See. Can you be recognized by this modernist church and this Holy Father? Is that enough for you? Are you not worth more? Did not your founder do everything for you until his last breath? You must follow him and swear allegiance to him. Nothing else I demand of you.

I long for many, many priest souls. For these priests My little soul of atonement will continue to take over the suffering of atonement. She will agree to it, so that very soon there will again be holy priests who will follow My Word in its entirety and who will celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. I wish it in the whole world and I do not want any more meal fellowship from all priests. They are subject to misbelief and not to truth.

I love you all and want to call you back to My holy table of sacrifice, because I need sacrificial priests who give themselves totally to Me - totally, who give themselves into the chalice of sacrifice and celebrate My sacrifice willingly and reverently.

And so I thank My beloved little flock, especially My sacrificial priest here in Mellatz for his willingness to continue to show it and to turn away completely from all who do not lie in this truth. You are to be separated from modernism and separated from people who constantly only tell you their problems, because you, my little one, cannot then devote yourselves entirely to expiation. But I still wish them from you, because only through the great expiation these sacrileges are erased. I will name several more atonement souls, because many, many priests will otherwise be thrown into the eternal fire. But I love you all and say to you: Live the truth! Go My way and celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast according to Pius V!

I bless you now with all My angels, especially with My Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate Heart of the Mother and Queen of Victory, who will appear here in Wigratzbad very soon with My Son Jesus Christ. This event will come quite soon. The soul-vision will precede and all will recognize their own soul with the serious offences and they will be frightened by their own guilt. Some will not survive and some will want to turn back and not make it. Pray for them and persevere! I wish it from you, because you are loved from eternity, especially you, my beloved little flock. I bless you in the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blessed and praised be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament without end!