Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, June 29, 2012

Feast of the Holy Apostle princes Peter and Paul.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V in the house chapel in the House of Glory in Mellatz through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass, large crowds of angels again entered this chapel and grouped around the Sacrificial Altar, the Virgin Mary Altar and the Christ Statue. The tabernacle angels adored the Blessed Sacrament. The trinity symbol was brightly illuminated again. The Blessed Mother sent Her angels to us to protect us and ask for Divine Power. The holy archangel Michael stopped again with his sword all evil from us. The rays of grace flowed back and forth between the Little King of Love and the Child Jesus. The Immaculate Heart of Mary has once again merged with the Heart of Jesus. They became one.

The Heavenly Father will speak: I, the Heavenly Father, speak also today, on the feast of the Holy Apostle princes Peter and Paul, through My willing, obedient, and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is wholly in My will and repeats only words that come from Me.

My beloved believers from near and far, My beloved followers and especially My beloved little flock, today at this altar of sacrifice you have celebrated the feast of the apostle princes Peter and Paul. It has been a holiday. These two martyrs, who followed Jesus Christ in the Trinity to his death, you venerated especially. Yes, they became martyrs out of love for Jesus Christ. They wanted to do and accomplish everything as the Son of God wanted them to do. They left nothing out, everything was important to them, above all this martyrdom. The apostle prince Peter was crucified upside down because he did not feel worthy to be crucified like his Lord and Master. St. Paul was beheaded with a sword. And so I, the Heavenly Father, say: "You are Peter the Rock and on this rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell will not overpower it".

How is this to be understood today, My beloved believers from near and far? The whole Catholic Church is a heap of rubble, and complete chaos reigns everywhere. You can't orientate yourself towards anyone. You will not find the Catholic and Apostolic faith anywhere. He is simply no longer there. All religions are present and even the One, Holy, True, Catholic Church is to be found in these religions, so says the Supreme Shepherd, but not as the One True Church, as it is in truth.

Why does one today, as the Supreme Shepherd, not bear witness to this truth? Why is the Supreme Shepherd not brave enough to confess his faith? Although he is surrounded by the Freemasons, and he is also guided and directed by them, yes, he has been bought, but if he were courageous and strong, he would have stood by his faith as the Apostle Prince Peter did. But he did not do it.

Shouldn't all the faithful cry out and say, "What has our Supreme Shepherd done to us? He has sold our Holy Catholic Church and betrayed it with the Judas kiss, he has appeared as Antichrist, heresies are not foreign to him. How to arrange all this, My beloved ones from near and far? You are asked to believe in the Supreme Shepherd, otherwise you are not Catholic, so they tell you. Do you really believe that? Is it still the truth when the Supreme Shepherd has sold our Holy Catholic Church? Should one then follow his path? Should one follow him? This is not possible, My beloved ones. After all, one cannot follow an Antichrist who acts against the Church, does not even confess it as Supreme Shepherd, and who has handed over his key power to his bishops, to his chief shepherds. He no longer has key power. No! He cannot proclaim ex cathedra No! A dogma would be impossible to introduce. He is the greatest modernist. This is not only said, but it is the truth.

As I already mentioned as Heavenly Father, I want him to resign from his office immediately, voluntarily, not compelled voluntarily. He should recognize that he did not lead his church properly as Supreme Shepherd and did not use the confessional faith as a model for all. No! As he proclaims the faith, he does not follow and live it. He does exactly the opposite.

According to the Motu Proprio, this holy mass of sacrifice should be celebrated all over the world. And how about that? Not even the Supreme Shepherd himself celebrates today this Tridentine Mass of Sacrifice according to Pius V, but the meal community connected with Protestantism and ecumenism. And you shall believe in him, My beloved? If you do not believe in the Supreme Shepherd, you are no longer Catholic.

What is Catholic, My beloved? Does this mean that I can do and leave what I want, because the Catholic Church is connected with all religions, and then it is not a sin, they say, if I do not confess it, because it is contained in all religions. Are you blind and deaf, My beloved ones, that you cannot hear what is happening in the Church today, in this modernism that this Supreme Shepherd is showing you? Is this the good? No! The evil he lives for you. The lie is contained in it. Everything that is good is perceived as bad. All priests who openly profess their faith and want to live piously and holy are deposed by the Church. You can go. They are not useful for this Catholic Church.

Those who want to remain in modernism, and those who continue to live this Vatican II, are welcome in Rome, they look at him, they welcome him into their ranks, because he belongs to them, to the Masonic clan. You cannot believe, my beloved ones, that you cannot think and do not use your mind.

Surely today, on this great feast, you should recognize why these two apostle princes became martyrs? They have stood up for their faith. You have known him. They did everything out of love. Everything that was against faith, they did not acknowledge. Therefore they had to suffer martyrdom. Out of love they gave their lives. Is it possible today, My beloved ones, for a Supreme Shepherd to go to martyrdom out of love for Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Is that possible today?

What about the messengers that I, the Heavenly Father, have given to all men of good will, so that they may have a chance to repent and to want to repent. The messengers have to bear the greatest sufferings, and they are despised and presented as self-appointed seers, because they have a great imagination and everything they say is of evil. You must not believe them. This is how it is presented to you, my beloved ones. Why don't you get up and wake up from the sleep of death and finally confess the truth? It is the truth that brings you further. Only the truth is life: The way, the truth and the life is important for everyone. The way in truth must be walked and lived, whether with cross or less cross. The way is stony and many shy away from these victims.

And miracles, My beloved ones, can there be miracles today? No! It is said of the authorities: "Miracles must not be recognized. There are no miracles today. Wonders are fantasy. After all, we are enlightened modern people. We do not believe in miracles."

And what about the highest miracle, the Holy Eucharist, the mystery, the greatest mystery? Jesus Christ as God and man at the same time comes to us, to us sinful people, because He loves us, because He wants to embrace us, and because He does not want to let us continue to go astray, but wants to lead us to true faith. All should profess the Catholic faith, the only faith. That is the truth. And that will become truth, my beloved ones!

I, the Heavenly Father, will use My omnipotence. What it will look like, I will not tell anyone and I will not reveal to anyone. But it will be hard for everyone who does not believe, for everyone who attacks my messengers, who despises and mocks them. This is a grave sin against the Holy Spirit!

And you, My beloved Pius brothers, will see, you who continue to despise and attack My messengers so shamefully, what will become of you. Have I, the Heavenly Father, not already said: I can sweep you away? I have the power and can use my omnipotence. If you do not want to go my way, then I do not know you, then you are not worthy of me. You must learn to love and offer this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to Pius V, as your Founder exemplified it to you. If you follow this, you are on the right side. But if not, you will be cast out. You will feel it. I will guide and direct everything in Providence.

My beloved little flock, hold on! Be brave and courageous, for you know that here in the House of Glory everything will happen! You, My beloved little one, have to endure the greatest sufferings for the whole world. Why? Because it is the mission of the world that you have to fulfill with your little band. Many should join this world mission, so that they do not also go astray, and so that they receive the greatest protection, especially from the dear Mother of God and the Holy Archangel Michael.

Continue to atone, pray and sacrifice, because that is your way. Do not forget love, for you are loved immeasurably. Each and every one of you will be taken in the arms of the Heavenly Father because He shows His willingness to continue on this path, this stony path, without ifs and buts. Simply go forward your way!

I love you, My children, My father children and My mother says: "I love you, My children of Mary! And so I bless you in the Trinity with all angels and saints, especially with your beloved Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blessed and praised be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament without end! Amen.