Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Third Sunday after Easter.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V in the house chapel in the House of Glory in Mellatz through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the rosary and during the Holy Sacrificial Mass, huge crowds of angels moved into this house of glory. They surrounded the statue of the Virgin Mary in the hallway, moved further up to the Blessed Mother in the house chapel and grouped themselves around the statue of Christ and around the altar of the Virgin Mary. More flocks of angels moved to the tabernacle and grouped around the altar of sacrifice. The tabernacle angels also worshipped the Blessed Sacrament. The symbol of the Trinity above the tabernacle was illuminated again and again during the Holy Sacrificial Mass and shone in golden splendor. Also the Mother of God with the Child Jesus, the Little King of Love, Mother Anne, the Holy Archangel Michael shone in golden splendor. The Blessed Mother herself sent sparkling rays over to us. Those were the rays of grace of the Easter time. The statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus pointed at us again and again. She moved during the Holy Mass of Sacrifice. I could experience it during the ecstasy. I had several ecstasies. Due to severe atonement, I had to lie in bed. Everything was made clear to me. I was able to experience the entire Holy Mass spiritually. Thank the Heavenly Father in the Trinity.

The Heavenly Father will speak today: I, the Heavenly Father, speak today, the third Sunday after Easter, through My willing, obedient, and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who fulfills My will completely and does not give up, even in the most severe suffering of atonement. She listens to My words and reproduces these words.

I thank you, My little messenger, and I thank also My little flock who have made their home here in Mellatz in the House of Glory, because the Heavenly Father wants it that way. I, the Heavenly Father, watch over this house, for it is My house that you inhabit. In this house holiness happens pure. Daily the Holy Sacrificial Feast is celebrated according to My will and plan here in this house chapel in all reverence and holiness by My beloved priest son, who does not cease to ask Me that this Holy Sacrificial Feast be celebrated very soon all over the world. How much have you, My beloved ones, implored on the throne of God, on My throne, for the fulfillment of your desires, that very soon the Holy Sacrificial Feast will be spread and celebrated all over the world.

You were very disappointed, My beloved little group, that the Holy Father, the Supreme Shepherd, has imposed this one word 'all' in 'many' on the bishops, the bishops with whom he cultivates collegiality. It is not possible, My beloved, that he can proclaim ex cathedra. Unfortunately, he has given up this possibility of proclaiming it in this way to the bishops. He no longer possesses this violence today.

My beloved ones, you who believe and read and obey again and again these messages of My most beloved messenger, I want to give you this instruction so that you may be enlightened. Not from the authorities, from the chief shepherd, you will learn the truth, but only from me, the heavenly Father. This word 'many' was demanded by the Holy Father several years ago from the bishops and also from the priests to use it in the Holy Mass. Was it still a Holy Mass of Sacrifice that was celebrated? No! It was a meal fellowship and not a holy sacrificial meal in the Tridentine rite according to Pius V.

Today I, the Heavenly Father, want the Sacrificial Feast of My Son Jesus Christ, who offers Himself anew for humanity on all sacrificial altars, to be celebrated on all sacrificial altars and this meal fellowship to be forbidden in the whole world. Yes, I said: forbidden! She has caused enough trouble all over the world.

This is my wish and will, that not only one word be changed and the believers believe, this is now a part of the truth. No, I, the Heavenly Father, am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and this Truth cannot be continued in stages, but there is only the whole Truth and the whole Truth is: My Holy Sacrificial Feast, for which I appointed and chose My sons of priests. This means that My Son Jesus Christ in these priestly hands, who celebrate this Holy Sacrificial Feast in all reverence and love, will still be transformed today, but only if My Holy Sacrificial Feast is of course celebrated according to Pius V in the Tridentine Rite, as I have prophesied again and again.

What does the priesthood mean today? What does it mean to be a priest today? why are you suffering unbearable anguish, My beloved little Anne, whom I have chosen so that My Son Jesus Christ in you carries out all the suffering to found the New Church and the New Priesthood? Yes, the torture is unbearable for you. Your Heavenly Father weeps over this because He cannot take away these torments and tears. I want to embrace you and want to take away all suffering in the moment. But My Son Jesus Christ suffers in you. That is the whole truth. And that is why your suffering has become almost unbearable for weeks. These, my sons of priests, whom I have chosen and above all called, they do not fulfill my desire and my plan. On the contrary, they despise me and my messengers, who shout the truth into the world because they cannot help it. They are called, and they cannot live without this truth. I drive them on because I want to spread my truth in the world, in the whole world. And what do My beloved sons of priests, who once promised Me in their ordination to do everything for Me, to become a victim themselves, and should it cost their lives? They will only place me in their midst, me, in the Trinity.

What does the Holy Sacrificial Feast, this greatest mystery of My Son Jesus Christ, who gives Himself again and again for sacrifice on these altars, really mean? That the priest, the chosen priest, may give himself into this sacrificial chalice. He becomes a victim, he becomes Christ, who has clothed him with his garment, who loves him immeasurably, who marries him in transformation. My children, My beloved ones, a marriage is taking place in this moment of transformation between My Son and My priestly son. They become one. Can you imagine what this greatest mystery of faith means? Do you still believe in it, My beloved sons of priests whom I await most eagerly at the altar of sacrifice? And you, my believers, you also become one when you take part in this sacrificial meal and no longer continue to follow the meal fellowship.

You shall love Me. I want to be loved again. The highest thing I have given you: I have sacrificed My Son Jesus Christ for you. And I, as Heavenly Father, had to watch how mankind tormented My Son to the utmost on this Way of the Cross. I had to watch inhuman agonies of My Son and say yes to the redemption of mankind. I have done it for everyone and My Son has given this voluntary Yes. "Never," He said, "will I take away a little from the Way of the Cross, for everything must be fulfilled in the Scripture," and it has been fulfilled. He has redeemed all and He has called everyone to follow Him. These graces, have they been accepted by you, My beloved sons of priests, who were chosen and called? Did you accept them? No! You have rejected it to this day by equating the meal fellowship with the holy sacrificial meal. Are you sacrificial priests? Can you imagine how your dearest Heavenly Father cries at the altar of sacrifice when you all leave Me and My Son feels this abandonment also today, which He had to suffer already on the Mount of Olives and before His death? He also suffers this suffering, this abandonment and loneliness, in My messenger Anne. Can you imagine what you are doing to My Son today? This Holy Sacrificial Feast He instituted for you on Holy Thursday. He wanted to call you to holy priests who give themselves, for whom nothing is too much and who give their own lives for it. If I, the Heavenly Father, wanted it that way and it would be in My plan, they would have to say yes to it, too. This is the holiness of My sons of priests. And so I wish them to me today.

Have you ever considered the harm you do Me, the heavenly Father, when you stand at the altar of the people, when you reject My Son, when you think you do not need Him? You yourselves have become so proud that you serve the people instead of My Son Jesus Christ. The people, the world is important to you. Did you consider all this when you turned away from My beloved Son and this sacrificial meal was no longer celebrated and no more transformation took place in the hearts and hands of the priests? My Son cried out for you in pain and anguish and you became more stubborn and continued to reject Him.

My messenger cried out the truth into the world in agony, - even today. Do you regret it? In your hearts you know what you are to do, namely with the Great God, who redeemed you all and called you to such enormous great things, to stand at the altar of sacrifice and to cooperate and become His sacrificial lamb. This is the truth and this is what your Heavenly Father in the Trinity longs for. He loves all priests and He suffers agony for the disobedience of these priests. This marriage, which could take place with My Son at any altar of sacrifice, where the sacrificial banquet would be celebrated in reverence in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V, is a great mystery.

Can you grasp it, My beloved sons of priests, or can you still today be against it when your Heavenly Father in the Trinity begs you and today awaits the greatest agonies from His Son Jesus Christ in the Heart of My beloved messenger Anne. She suffers these torments and I must demand everything from her. You cannot imagine, my beloved ones, how great these torments must be. And I must again watch how she suffers, how my Son suffers in her and I must not take anything from her because the New Priesthood must be suffered in holiness. There must be holy priests again, sacrificial priests who offer themselves to My Son Jesus Christ, who put themselves into the sacrificial cup, who are ready to marry with Him at the moment of transformation, and who know what is happening and who is transforming in their hands. Astonished, they stand before this great mystery and cannot believe that a priest who has been ordained does not grasp this great mystery and is not ready to live his priesthood.

What else does the priesthood mean? - To put on the clothes of Jesus Christ, the priest clothes, so that one can recognize: This is a man of God. In him works the Heavenly Father in the Trinity, Jesus Christ. A holy priest walks through the streets and has not taken off the priestly garb, but is proud to wear this priestly garment. And you, where do you stand, My sons of priests? You are ashamed that you have put on Jesus Christ. That is why you put on the worldly garments, because you do not want to confess My Son in this world, although the greatest tribulation is in the world today and it would be necessary for you to go through the streets with your priestly garments. The people would become attentive to you and they would be thankful to meet you because they meet My Son Jesus Christ in you. He lives in these priests, and he wants to be again one of you, who lives in you and can work in you, who is not rejected and who is not despised in my messengers. One throws out Jesus Christ when one persecutes one of my messengers. This is a grave sacrilege against the Holy Spirit, because in My messengers works and out of them the Holy Spirit speaks, just as you were allowed to experience My beloved little flock in several ecstasies as the Holy Spirit spoke out of My messenger. She was in the greatest agony and she was unable to choose words, and yet these words of holiness flowed continuously from her mouth. You could only marvel and were shocked at how it was possible that the Holy Spirit could speak out of this messenger who was lying on the ground and proclaim the full truth and woo the sons of priests.

My beloved priests, wake up! Wake up before you fall into the eternal abyss. Your Heavenly Father wants to save you, save you from eternal disaster, because He cannot look at you as you would fall down like snowflakes and there would be no stopping you, because hell is eternal and heaven, the Heavenly Forces, the eternal bliss, if you want to play away forever and ever, you do not want to be allowed to see your dearest Father in Heaven in the Trinity, although He would have to be the greatest in you. My beloved ones, I cannot plead enough for you because it is bitterly serious and the time is short to win you.

I love you (Anne weeps bitterly), My beloved sons of priests! Come back! Turn back! I beg you! I beg for you! I want nothing more than for you to be happy and to be able to participate with me in the eternal wedding feast. There I want to see you. I will not cease to plead and plead and bring before your eyes the truth, the whole truth and not the confusion and aberration that prevails in the world today. That is not the truth.

My chief shepherd has betrayed and sold me. And that is so bitter. Torment this generates in the soul of My messenger who suffers with My Son Jesus Christ, with her Bridegroom, to whom she has promised herself. Her will is not important to her, but my will. "Thy will be done," she says to me daily, although she can no longer. Even if the torments are unbearable, she says, "Thy will be done, dear Father, not mine. But she must be supported by her small flock, which is willing to bear everything with her, even the torments, even the many, many unbearable sufferings and the severity of her shortness of breath, her fear of death. Day and night, My beloved ones, she suffers the mortal anguish of the Mount of Olives of My Son. Can you imagine that she suffers for you to save you? She begs for your salvation. She wants nothing else but to save you. Believe Me, My beloved sons of priests.

She wants to be the smallest among you. Never has she let go of humility. Again and again she tells me: "Father, I am your little nothing. I will obey you. You are mine and I am yours," and the small flock says yes to her and her amen to it.

I love you immeasurably and I bless you in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with your heavenly Mother who prays for you day and night at My Throne and never ceases to plead with your legions of angels and send them to earth to save mankind and ask them to know the truth, to confess and to avail themselves of the Holy Sacrament of Penance. If they have sinned, let them repent of it with all their heart and say, "Yes, Father, I have sinned before you. I want to be your child again. Please forgive Me My fault. I want to get better. I don't want to offend you anymore because I love you more than anything else. You are my one and only. I thank you for all the love you have given me in all my life so far. Amen."