Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the consecration of the palm tree, the Passion and the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the House of Glory in the house chapel in Mellatz through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass, many angels from all directions entered the house chapel and grouped themselves around the statue of Jesus, around the altar of Mary, and most of them gathered around the sacrificial altar. (Anne speaks with great effort because her suffering is very great).

The Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will say: I, the Heavenly Father, am speaking at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My will and repeats My words and the words of My Son.

Jesus Christ says: My beloved believers, My beloved children, My beloved followers and My beloved little band, today you celebrate Palm Sunday. It is My hardest day, for I have suffered very much on this day. The crowd shouted, "Hosanna the son of David!" But I found this a mockery, because shortly afterwards they shouted: "Crucify Him!". It was the same people who had cheered Me before, this crowd who now wanted to murder Me. I knew of all this, and besides, I had to watch the suffering of my Heavenly Mother. She suffered unspeakable pain in her soul, for she knew of My suffering, which was now beginning.

The Heavenly Father says: Yes, My beloved children, My beloved believers, how often have I prophesied to you: Awaken from this sleep of death, for you do not realize where you are. You speak to Satan and are in search of the true faith, of Me, the Triune God. And yet you reject me. Have I not sent my only, dearest son to this earth so that he can accomplish this work of redemption for you sinful men?

And what are you doing, My sons of priests? Are you going this way of the cross with My Son? Do you let yourselves be spat at and mocked as the crowd spat at Him and as the crown of thorns was put on His head? Have you considered that you are His sacrificial priests - even today? No! You say a clear no to His way of the cross, although He has chosen you. The love for you is oversized!

Jesus Christ says: See if a pain is like Mine and My mother's pain in this present time, where I am being crucified anew and the thorns of the crown of thorns penetrate My head more deeply and the scourge blows I suffered for you sinful men, these scourge blows are handed out by you, because they still whip Me today. As then, the raw flesh emerges from My back and My body is one single wound from which I suffered and the scourge blows still hit Me today. How much I have to suffer everything anew in My beloved little messenger, who still says her voluntary yes to Me.

The Heavenly Father says: I, as the Heavenly Father, look upon the cross of My only beloved Son and see the crowd going away from My Son. They flee, they flee into their life of prosperity and do not want to take a sacrifice. Not only have they seized power, but they reject Him. They think they are allowed to stand at a people's altar, although they know that there is only one altar of sacrifice. How much they hammer the nails again into His hands and feet, and how much His precious blood flows from His side wound onto these sacrificial altars. My little one was allowed to see this blood today. His precious blood, which also flows today for these many who do not want to believe, who mock Him, who ridicule Him, who mock Him and crucify Him anew.

My beloved sons of priests, why, why don't you turn back and celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast in all reverence? Do you believe that you can celebrate the Holy Sacrificial Feast at a grinding table? What a mockery of you sons of priests, on whose repentance I eagerly wait, - and yet they go astray. They cannot be converted by My messages, which I send so intensively and more and more numerously into the world, into the whole world through My Internet. And nobody wakes up! How much I feel abandoned - abandoned by all whom My Son has redeemed. But they still reject me. They let me experience this abandonment again, these many whom I wanted to convert. I entered her heart and touched her. But they also rejected this touch.

Jesus Christ says: My beloved little flock, what are you doing? You atone and pray especially through your sacrifice today on this day. Yes, My beloved priestly son, you have experienced My weakness during the Holy Mass of Sacrifice. I descended because I saw how I was mocked and I was unable to continue the Way of the Cross because of my weakness. And yet I had to rise up, and Simon of Cyrene was forced to help me carry the cross because one fit of weakness after the other took over.

And you, My beloved sons of priests, do you have fellowship with Me? No! You are hardened and see only yourselves, your suffering. You cannot even accept your cross, as I wish, but you reject that too. I must carry everything alone again in my little one. And this small flock suffers today especially with my little one at the altar of sacrifice. Her suffering is particularly severe because the Matthew Passion has penetrated her heart because I have given her My Heart, My Heart that suffers unspeakable torments on this day. Therefore, My little one and My beloved priestly son, you had to suffer this. I could not bear to suffer alone on this day because the crowd rejects me and very few are willing to continue to take up my cross, because 'whoever wants to be my disciple, take up his cross and follow me' and do not reject it.

The heavenly Father says: He willingly takes it on his shoulders and considers that I sent my Son to earth and He had to experience His worst tortures in deep silence, - His unspeakable tortures. And I, as Heavenly Father, not only had to witness everything, but I had to say My Yes to it - for you, My believers, especially for My beloved sons of priests, who today stand at the abyss and do not feel that they have to turn back to attain their eternal salvation. I pray again this day for your souls. Convert and repent, for the time is near when My Son Jesus Christ will come. At His second coming, you see your souls, your souls full of sin. Many people, many believers and many priests will be so frightened that they will fall down in grief and suffering. They cannot bear their sinful souls, which I will show them so that they will wake up and realize what they have done.

Jesus Christ says: My beloved authorities, My beloved bishops, archbishops, cardinals and priests, you are the Pharisees, you inflict the greatest suffering on Me, the suffering on the cross. I am waiting for you to stand under the cross like My Mother and repent to obtain forgiveness for your exceedingly great guilt. I want to save you through My beloved little flock, who are always ready to atone for you, to suffer and to continue the way of suffering for you, who do not stop making sacrifices to save you and your soul, because I love all and wait for your repentance so that I can forgive you.

And so your dearest Father in heaven blesses you in the Trinity with the dear Mother of Sorrows and all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. You are loved from eternity! I thank you for the comfort you have given me today.