Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Passion Sunday.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass and Adoration in the House of Glory in the House Chapel in Mellatz through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Large crowds of angels already moved into this house chapel in Mellatz during the rosary and especially during the Holy Sacrificial Mass. The altar of sacrifice and the altar of Mary were surrounded by angels. Everything was bathed in glistening light. The symbol of the Trinity, the tabernacle and the tabernacle angels were especially illuminated today and the Way of the Cross sparkled during the Holy Sacrificial Mass. The statue of Christ with the heart of love was united with the heart of the dear Mother of God.

The Heavenly Father will speak: I, the Heavenly Father, speak today on this Passion Sunday through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne.

My beloved believers, My beloved children, My beloved pilgrims from near and far and My beloved followers and small flocks, all of you are waiting in this Lent, especially on this Passion Sunday, for the difficult Way of the Cross that My Son Jesus Christ must walk. Today, on this Passion Sunday, the preparation time for this difficult Way of the Cross begins. My Son Jesus Christ had to prepare for this Way of the Cross with His dearest Mother. She too suffered, especially on this day, for she knew that Palm Sunday would come upon them, on which they suffered especially, for they knew that everything is mockery, everything is a lie. Our Lady knew that My Son will be honored with Hosanna, the son of David, and they turn around and mock Him and they crucify Him. But He died for all people for our redemption. Let this become very clear to you in these 14 days that He has gone this way of the cross for all of you to redeem you.

Be aware of this sinfulness. Prepare for a worthy Holy Confession to a holy priest. It is necessary, My beloved Catholic Christians.

How much I am waiting for your ready hearts that you too may accept your way of the cross, willingly carry your cross and prepare yourselves for this time by going within yourselves, confessing your guilt before Me, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity in the Holy Sacrament of Penance, and that you may feel a deep remorse for your guilt, which My Son Jesus Christ also took upon Himself for you to redeem you.

And you, My beloved clergy, what are you doing at this time? Are you also preparing yourselves for this sacrifice? No! Unfortunately not! I wait for your ready hearts, but your heart doors are closed and full of scorn you look at My cross. You are not ready to take your cross upon yourselves and that is why the burden that rests on my shoulders is becoming greater and greater and the more I, Jesus Christ, must suffer in My beloved little messenger who opened her heart to Me so that I can suffer in her the New Church and the New Priesthood.

Yes, you too, my little one, are scorned. People laugh at the messages. One does not believe and one despises them. Why? Because modernism does not stop in their hearts. Because they want to live a comfortable life and are not willing to live a sacrificial life. I am looking for sacrificial priests and cannot find them in your ranks. Where are they whom I have chosen, whom I have called to this high office, whom I love especially, in whose hearts I want to give myself away in My Son on the sacrificial altars? Where are My Sacrificial Altars? They are not there! They are grinding tables. And at these grinding tables one thinks one can offer my sacrifice. It is a mockery and a ridicule. how much My Son must feel scorned by you, My beloved clergy, to whom I have given so many graces and made them aware of My Messages, of My Instructions, of My revelations and prophecies Do they listen to me? Do you believe in Me and walk My way, the Way of the Cross of My Son? No! One despises this cross because one does not want to accept suffering. May you be well, you say, my beloved clergy. You want to participate in the life and not in the sacrifice of My Son on the cross. Have you no fear of God? Only the fear of man tortures you. "What could happen to me when I take up my cross, when I testify my faith that I love Jesus Christ in the Trinity, when I place Him in my center, in the center of my life, and when I proclaim, live and pass on this faith, what will happen to me? You ask yourselves this, but you do not wonder how My Son Jesus Christ suffers for you and in you and desires to win back your hearts? They are surrounded by evil and you do not strive for a good, holy confession. You continue on this world path. You live in the world and enjoy the world. Victims are still far from you.

I call you all not only to prayer, My beloved ones, but to sacrifice and atonement and prayer. Atonement and sacrifice belong together. Without these sacrifices there is no salvation in this world. And I give all things to you, you who believe, you who worship me, you who love me and you who place me in your midst because you believe and atone and pray for the others who do not believe and do not worship me. They believe in themselves. To their own happiness.

Lent is a time of preparation for the most holy Easter, for the resurrection! Have you considered this, My beloved Catholic Christians or are you no longer Catholic? Ask yourselves: What do I believe in and how do I live and what does my life consist of? Is it a life of sacrifice or do I speak to the world with all its pleasures and live out and put Jesus Christ, My Son, in the last place not in the first. Yes, you even forget him.

Sacrifice and atone for all those who do not want to believe today. Atone especially for My sons of priests who are standing before the abyss and so far do not believe in My messages although I am shouting them out into the whole world through My Internet.

The event will come, My beloved ones, and it is not far away. Are you prepared? Pay attention to these last messages before I, Jesus Christ, will appear with My Heavenly Mother in great power and glory.

Believe and trust, for I am the Almighty, Most High, Almighty and Omniscient God in the Trinity! And you are to worship only this one God in the Trinity, and in Him you are to believe! This is the only way that leads you to salvation! I love you and wait for your open hearts!

And so today on this Passion Sunday I bless you in the Trinity with all angels and saints, especially with My dearest Heavenly Mother and your Mother, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live the true faith and witness to it in all openness and truth! Amen.