Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Blessed Mother speaks at the farewell in the hotel lobby in Malo/Schio.


The Blessed Mother will appear to strengthen you especially during this time.

She appears at the moment and looks at the two of you, who will bless you now, in love, in kindness, in gentleness. Instantly I feel the scent of jasmine. Jasmine means the tenderness, the tenderness of the Mother of God.

Our Lady says: My beloved children, now at the end of your pilgrimage, of your blessed pilgrimage in this very special place of grace, I would like to pour out many graces on you, the Queen of Love, into your hearts. You have already opened your hearts wide. I, your Heavenly Mother, your Heavenly Mama, will enter into your hearts. I will pour out the love of the Triune God in your hearts. I, the Queen of Love, will not only radiate the love of God in this place, but you will take these graces with you on your way home. Joy will arise in your hearts, joy because you can accept the difficulties that are coming to you now, because I am the Mother of Love. I will prepare your hearts for the love of God in the time of tribulation, in the time when seduction, where temptation, will come down on you. I, the Mother of Beautiful Love, the Queen of Love, will call down all the angels on you. I have already placed your guardian angels behind you. You will have several guardian angels at this time. The archangels will also accompany you.

Ask all heaven to strengthen you in this time and call on Me. Your Heavenly Mama is all yours. I am all yours, I say to you. Please call heaven. You are loved, My children. You will be loved especially. I tell you, give yourselves daily to My Immaculate Heart. I will let all graces flow into you through this Immaculate Heart, for I will triumph.

My children, I want to explain to you now this sign of victory so that you may know that with this sign you will win with Me. On your forehead, in the middle, this sign of victory was placed. It is the small monstrance. By this sign others will recognize that you are my chosen ones, because you will be protected. You will win with me. For this you are chosen, chosen from heaven. You will save souls. I beg you, your mama, very deeply, help Me to save souls. The whole heaven is waiting for you full of longing. Our hearts are so full of longing for the people. Let this longing blossom also in your hearts, so that you may want to save souls, so that you may make yourselves available. So that you will be strengthened.

You will feel the scents. Please pay attention to this, because these fragrances should strengthen you during this time. The angels will descend upon you. They will support you. Save souls with Me, My children. This is My great wish for you. You too have been given a responsibility in this pilgrimage group. With My daughter Anne you got this assignment. That is why I have also written this commission into your heart. Save souls and widen your hearts for the love of God, which I may give ever deeper into you. The Holy Spirit will guide you, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of consolation, the Spirit of protection, the Spirit of faithfulness. Remain faithful to heaven in this time. Do not deviate one step from your paths. Sacrifices all difficulties. These difficulties are provided by heaven. Cries tears of love. The tears you cry are not your tears. It is My tears that I weep for the whole world. Give yourselves to My Immaculate Heart. Give yourselves in love.

Pray daily the consecration: "O my mistress..." In this consecration you are my children of Mary and are protected. You will be loved without limit by the whole heaven. Tell Us often that you love Us, then love will spread over you and over the people you meet. They too are to be saved. Blessed are My children. Bless these people who meet you in my name, in the name of heaven. Silent or loud. Be brave and courageous. Stand against sin. Announce me openly. Do not be silent when it comes to faith. Be silent when your difficulties are at stake, but not when it comes to proclaiming the faith. You are called and called to shout these words out into the world. Be available and ready, ready to sacrifice for heaven.

Now I will bless you all in the name of all Heaven and your Heavenly Mother. My beloved children, be protected, loved, blessed, but especially now sent, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen. Love love, My children and become strong.

Thank you Blessed Mother for blessing your children again as Queen of Love. You have blessed us as royal children. I have seen the crown upon you. This crown should mean love, because you are royal children and you are aware of this dignity and this responsibility.

Now the Blessed Mother goes back again. She has also once again held out the Child Jesus to us and said: "I hold out My child to you, that is, I give him to you in your hearts and this child has already been given into your hearts last night with the manger, because now the preparation time, the Advent time, begins. You will be prepared for the coming of the Lord. That is why you have been blessed again with my child. Amen.

Blessed Mother, praise and glory be to all heaven for the many graces we have experienced in this great place of grace. I ask you all, pray for me, that I can do justice to everything that is coming to me and that we are united in love.