Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, July 29, 2004


Come every day to Holy Mass, if it is possible for you, and take up Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament. Pray, pray, pray, because my time of return is near. Pray for all the straying ones who do not believe in me. My words are not obeyed. Repent, because my mother wants to bring all men back to me.

Serve, be obedient, practice humility. These are the virtues that my heavenly mother practiced again and again and she was obedient until my death, until death on the cross. She stood under My cross. You too will receive crosses. But I am with you. Do not be afraid. I am always with you in your hearts. In many people I will appear and will also speak in them.

Pray, pray, My heart is so heavy and that of My mother even more. It appears in many places. She weeps tears of blood over those who have strayed, over those who do not want to believe and over the present time. But you are my chosen ones, the ones who have come and want to worship me. I thank you that you have appeared today and want to dwell with Me and worship My heart. An immeasurable stream of grace will flow over you all today.

Take My divine power, suck it in so that you can stand in everyday life. Do not despair when the crosses come and hard times for you. I am always with you. I say 'always', please don't forget that. Pray the rosary every day. My mother especially asks for it. Pray together. Pray in My churches. Be together. You are community and community makes you strong. The enemy shall not harm you. You will notice that you are getting stronger and stronger.

Tell me your wishes. Tell me everything that oppresses you in your heart. I will refresh you, and if it is good for you, I will fulfill all your wishes. But remember, sometimes your wishes are not my wishes and sometimes it is not good for you if I fulfill your wishes according to your plan.

I need you so much. You are My tools, My chosen ones. Repent for all who do not worship My mother, who mock you, who reject you. Repent for these people. I and my mother are one. When you worship Me, My mother is always present. She does not leave my side and asks day and night that your wishes be fulfilled as you need it.

Thank you, thank you again and again for the little things I give you every day. Rest at my heart and become still. In silence lies my strength. Be cheerful and happy, for I am and work in you. Be afraid of no one. Spread Me.

Spread My intimate worship. Spread that many, many come to me. Be afraid of no evil. Love is the greatest. Do everything out of love for me. Be small and humble, then I can work in you. Do not become proud of your deeds, because I do everything in you. You are my creatures and you are weak. But I give you My power, My divine power. When it becomes effective in you, you are happy and all fear disappears.

If they reject you, they also reject Me. Hold out. Learn to distinguish. Go quite often to confession, to my sacraments, which I have given you out of love, out of exceedingly great love. You will be strengthened and your love will increase. Be reverent of each other and of every man. Reject no one, for they are all my creatures. My mother wants to bring them all back to me. Brings sacrifices every day. It is for me and for your maturity and your healing in body and soul.